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UPDATED: Friday, February 13 at 4:23 a.m.

Following a widely popular Facebook group and a proposed GUSA resolution rallying against possible changes to or cancellation of this year’s Georgetown Day, University Provost James O’Donnell assured the community Wednesday night that the celebration will remain on schedule.

The possible rescheduling or cancellation stemmed from a conflict between GAAP weekend and the proposed day, which falls on April 24, the last day of classes.

“I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus will celebrate Georgetown Day – the annual celebration of our campus community – on the last Friday of classes, April 24. This event brings together students, faculty and staff to mark the end of another academic year, when the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, but before finals and graduation,” O’Donnell said in an e-mail to students.

While Georgetown Day will still be held on the last day of classes, that the exact location and the details of the celebration are still undecided.

“We may not be able to do everything we’ve done traditionally in the traditional ways in the traditional places – but change is good, they say, and we’ll find a way to have a great time,” O’Donnell said.

The Georgetown Day Web site, linked from the provost’s home page, remains un-updated, currently only displaying information, the schedule of events and volunteer opportunities for the 2008 Georgetown Day. Yet O’Donnell’s e-mail assured future presentations for further planning the events of the day.

“There will be opportunities to participate in planning that you’ll hear about directly from the Office of Student Affairs, so stay tuned,” he said the e-mail.

Prior to the e-mail, several students decided to take matters into their own hands. Plans for unofficial versions of Georgetown Day made in the wake of rumors were wide and impassioned.

GUSA Senator Tim Swenson (COL ’10) proposed a bill up for vote during Thursday night’s upcoming GUSA Senate meeting to provide funding for an alternative Georgetown Day.

“I have proposed a bill to authorize funding for any event planning organization – GPB, etc. – so they can unofficially throw Georgetown Day with or without the [administration],” Swenson said.

Swenson added that he is proposing that GUSA use its remaining funds to sponsor a replacement for the traditional events of Georgetown Day.

“So as you all know by now, Georgetown Day may be in jeopardy. I have authored a bill which I think might help the issue,” Swenson said. “I propose we see what is left in our funds and allow an event planning committee such as [Georgetown Program Board] or Party for a Cause to organize Georgetown Day, We can take the money from Georgetown and give it to the students and save this great event.”

Other students made efforts to replace the day if canceled. Dorian Simmons (COL ’10) created an event via Facebook proposing an “Unofficial Georgetown Day.” Bridget Geraghty (COL ’09) formed the Facebook group “Damn the Man, Save Georgetown Day,” on Monday evening, which quickly gained about 1,500 members in its first 12 hours and after nearly 48 hours since its creation has over 2,250 – almost a third of the student body.

Geraghty cited the sense of community of the tradition to be of particular importance to her.

“I have dedicated my four years on the Hilltop to fostering the Georgetown community, and nothing epitomizes Hoya unity like this day . anyone who loves Georgetown and all things good in this world realizes how much Georgetown Day means to our community,” she said. “It truly is the one event on campus that every student can feel a part of, and a camaraderie exists on that day.”

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