Despite the absence of a beer garden, the Georgetown Day Planning Committee announced that metal barricades will surround Copley Lawn so that security staff can inspect bags and monitor Friday’s Georgetown Day festivities.

According to an email sent to students late Monday night, Copley Lawn, where the majority of the day’s events will take place, will be fenced off with hired security guards, Department of Public Safety officers, university administrators and student volunteers posted at the entrances to ensure that no outside liquids are brought into the space.

The email also reminded students that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the public parts of campus, and students found to be in possession of alcohol will be required to assist with cleanup or be fined $75.

According to Senior Class Committee Chair Chris Butterfield (MSB’12), metal barriers blocked off the beer garden and DPS officers, security guards, campus administration and student volunteers monitored the entrances to the front lawn last Georgetown Day.

Security officers and staff were responsible for checking and inspecting personal belongings within the barricaded area.

This year, the Office of Risk Management requested the same security measures, even though the beer garden was replaced with a game area. The fine for alcohol possession also increased by $25, up from $50 last year.

Butterfield emphasized that the decision to contain the game area was made to promote safety throughout the day.

“All things that were present last year are still here, just for a different purpose,” he said.

Committee members said that despite the altered security measures, today’s festivities will be much the same as those of years past.

“The only difference between last year and this year is that these checks are taking place in a certain area of the lawn and that all bags will be checked,” Geoffrey Bible (SFS ’12), Georgetown Day Committee Member, said.

“The security [will] be present in order that everyone be able to enjoy the day,” he added.

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