A Georgetown alum was the victim of an armed robbery on 34th Street early Tuesday morning in the latest in a series of robberies and assaults in the Georgetown area.

Christian Lowe (SFS ’04) was walking north to his car on the 1200 block of 34th Street at 2:15 a.m. Tuesday morning when a car pulled up next to him and two teenage males stepped out.

“As I was turning left to go to my car, two guys got out of the car and one guy just grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me into an alley,” Lowe said.

Lowe said he immediately knew he was going to be robbed. He planned on fighting back and fleeing, but one of the suspects produced a knife.

“I was taken aback and shocked, but the guys were small and I thought I could handle them,” he said. “But then I saw the weapon.”

The two suspects threatened him and ordered him to give them his wallet and money. Lowe said he complied with the suspects’ demands and they subsequently stole his credit cards and $100 in cash. The suspects then got back in their vehicle and drove westbound on Prospect Street.

Despite a quick response by Metropolitan Police officers to the scene and a canvas of the area, the suspects managed to escape. An PD incident report released Tuesday described them as black teenage males between 5 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, driving a black car.

DPS officials declined to comment because the incident is still under investigation.

Referring to recent violent incidents near campus, including a recent assault on the Exorcist steps that left a female victim with a bruised face and an injured wrist, Lowe expressed frustration at the priorities of local law enforcement officials.

“It’s ridiculous that Prospect Street isn’t safe anymore while the police are wasting resources by arresting people for drinking underage. It just doesn’t make sense that there’s all this violent crime but we’re concentrating on these silly things,” he said.

Lowe also said he wished he had been more careful and said he hoped his story could help Georgetown students to avoid being victimized by similar crimes.

“Please just be careful especially late at night,” he said. “Keep a cool head like I did and don’t fight back.”

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