The agonizing sound of over 6,000 hearts breaking could be heard across the country – indeed, around the world – as Hoya fans watched the untimely end to Georgetown’s 2008 NCAA tournament bid this Sunday. Whatever their brackets may have said, all Georgetown students, alumni and other general supporters had hoped for another tournament run as impressive, or even more impressive, than last year’s. Instead, most students found themselves only able to commiserate with friends over the phone and with the forlorn expression in JT III’s eyes. Despite our deep disappointment at the premature close of the season, we on the Editorial Board want to thank the team – especially the graduating seniors – for their hard work, their dedication and their successes.

It shouldn’t have happened this way, for reasons and facts all Hoya fans know. The team won all home games this season, dazzled audiences with its skill against Villanova and West Virginia in the Big East tournament and triumphed through impossibly close games that kept viewers on the verge of cardiac arrest.

At the heart of all these accomplishments were the four seniors who restarted the legacy of Georgetown basketball. Jonathan Wallace’s sturdy and impeccable shots from beyond the arc, Tyler Crawford’s persevering team leadership, Patrick Ewing Jr.’s contagious energy and Roy Hibbert’s vertical assistance in the paint have defined a team that will always be remembered as a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t let the conclusion of this season color the way in which we remember this remarkable year. Let us enter the new season of Georgetown basketball with the same verve and anticipation with which we began this year’s. Roy’s three-pointer against UConn proved that anything can happen. And though we are losing four integral members of our basketball team, we should all anticipate the team’s bright future. Despite this disheartening experience, we are solaced by the fact that ultimately, what can always be counted on is a booming “Hoya Saxa” resounding in Verizon Center year after year as the Georgetown Hoyas play to victory.

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