Georgetown goes on display this weekend as hundreds of prospective students pour onto campus for the first GAAP weekend of the year. Although the university will offer potential Hoyas an interesting and comprehensive program, students will still leave without gaining the full student experience. Each night they will have to abandon campus for area hotels, as Georgetown does not currently have an official program to allow these high-school-aged visitors to be housed in students’ residence halls.

Some pre-frosh attending the program without their parents can request to be placed with GAAP ambassadors for the weekend, but no organized program currently exists to house any and all students who want to live the intimate details of campus life. Many other universities have established networks to channel high school seniors into residence halls of college students who serve as hosts and guides throughout the visit. These college aspirants can then leave with an insider’s knowledge of residence hall culture and students’ social habits. While GAAP strives to be as thorough as possible, nothing in its full program can match the insight that a visitor can gain from spending a night with student hosts.

Georgetown may fear that it lacks sufficient space to house anyone longing to live the dorm experience, but if the university establishes a student hosting program, it could notify prospective visitors that space is limited and encourage them to sign up in advance. Many Hoyas have volunteered to host student visitors during the recent STAND conference. Many would likely also enjoy the chance to offer a prospective student a personalized view of the daily workings of campus. Students are already involved in GAAP process, so the university should present them with another opportunity to help make Georgetown shine.

Georgetown has worked well to create a fun and informative line-up for this weekend, but it is neither beneficial nor fair to deny high school seniors every opportunity to understand life on the Hilltop. Many students enjoy GAAP weekend greatly and admit that it helped steer them towards Georgetown, and allowing current students the chance to connect with pre-frosh could make one of these students’ first experiences at Georgetown even more memorable.

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