My cohorts and I have discussed this issue many times. Why isn’t there a KFC, Popeye’s or Marvelous Market on campus? To get to McDonald’s you have to take a bus. No cDonald’s is worth a bus trip, and the one in Rossyln is substandard.

This recent quandary of mine was sparked when I experienced a lesson in depravity earlier last week. After getting out of class at 5:30 p.m., I felt all my bodily energy being sapped and the realization hit me. I need to eat – now. I had an appointment in an hour so this had to be quick. Wisey’s? Too expensive and they take forever. Quick Pita? Cheap and quick but it’s too far.

Hungry and cold, I made my way to the Leavey Center. After gazing at the pathetic rack of cold sandwiches in Vital Vittles, I opted to take a detour to Starbucks. No luck: they didn’t take my debit card. I left the annoying band of high school students hanging around Starbucks and got chips at Vital Vittles.

After three years and one semester at Georgetown, I’ve noticed the food situation has gone from bad to worse. I finally made my way to the cafeteria, and as I glanced down at the questionable white pasta sauce and rubbery meat in the dining hall, I realized that there was no relief there either.

This school, for whatever reason, has overlooked the importance of food as a crucial factor influencing the student body’s college experience. Why aren’t there any decent chain restaurants within walking distance of campus? How many coffee shops do we really need when there is no place to get a decent sandwich?

I can’t count how many times I have submitted to paying exorbitant prices for substandard food simply because it was convenient. And I am just tired of it.

I live in Houston, otherwise known as heaven if you’re into junk food. There isn’t a city block that doesn’t have two or three restaurants on it. How is it then that in this neighborhood, I can’t get good fried chicken? And when you call for take-out you have to pay $10 to wait until you’re not hungry anymore, go downstairs in your sleepwear and then tip the guy.

This school is lacking in the food department. Since we’re paying such high prices for meal plans and food around campus, we should expect to be fed better.

CYNTHIA OSUEKE (COL ’05) JAN. 31, 2005

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