E-mail is the primary means of communication on college campuses today, and convenient computer access is essential for students to keep pace with their crowded inboxes.

The computer stations in the Leavey Center and ICC were installed to provide Georgetown students with easy access to the Internet. The stations offer a convenient way for Hoyas to monitor the droves of e-mail they receive daily, brush up on the news and address pressing questions for which only the Internet can provide answers.

These computers become significantly less convenient, however, when they do not work. For weeks, several of the computers on the first and second levels of ICC have remained broken. They freeze often, making them more of an annoyance for students than an expedient way to plug into the world.

Internet access is all too important for college students, and yet the number of computers available for student use is limited. The computers in ICC and Leavey freeze with conspicuous regularity. Administrators should make sure that the computers at these stations are always functional, or replace them.

Students must also do their part when it comes to computer station usage. Even when all the computers are functioning, the demand for them is high. Students should recognize that the machines at the computer stations are not personal computers – they are shared by everyone. In this vein, their use should be restricted to quickly checking up on things, not for getting one’s entire life in order.

Students need to have respect for one another. If there is a line, the computer stations are not to be used to write lengthy e-mails. They are not to be used to read entire news articles or to peruse facebook.com. If the university does its part and the students do theirs, the computer stations have the potential to be a source of sanity in the middle of a busy college day, rather than the cause of frustration they are now.

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