Every time Hoya parents come to D.C., they are faced with the daunting task of finding a restaurant that offers delicious cuisine and suitable ambience. Due to the numerous options the District has to offer, parents and children alike often play it safe and stick to the core locales (think Cafe Milano and Paolo’s). While the restaurants in Georgetown are accessible and offer upscale dining sure to impress parents visiting for the weekend, these restaurants are incomparable to Fiola.

Fiola, a new restaurant from the renowned Fabio Trabocchi, offers unpretentious and comforting Italian cuisine. However, it is unfair to classify Fiola as being solely an “Italian” restaurant. WhileTrabocchi hails from the Le Marche region of Italy, his wife Maria, a Georgetown alum, brings in her own Spanish influence from a Majorcan background. Maria Trabocchi says that the cuisine is indicative of the global nature of our society. Through social media and technology, she explains, Fabio Trabocchi pulls inspiration from a variety of cultures. The restaurant boasts influences from Italian, Spanish and other Mediterranean cultures.

While Fiola looks at the global community, the restaurant is rooted in local ingredients and businesses. The vegetables come from local farms and the cattle are organically raised. These measures do not go unnoticed. The ahi tuna crostini I ordered was paired with a roasted tomato and caper spread and freshly baked artisan bread. While light, the antipasto was bursting with freshness, a perfect prelude to the rest of the meal.

Fiola offers weekday lunches that change daily, depending on the available fresh ingredients. The handmade pasta’s pairing with seasonal flavors keeps Fiola in the moment and in line with culinary trends. On one cold wintery afternoon, the menu boasted sausage, rosemary and tomato soup with buffalo mozzarella toast. The baby artichoke salad with blood orange and homemade Sicilian black olive salt offered a unique balance of bold and light flavors. The cotechino moderna sausage tortellinibrought a little bit of comfort to my bleak winter afternoon.

The merit of the food lures an impressive clientele that enhances the dining experience. At my lunch, Maria Trabocchi pointed out several D.C. power players, including two Supreme Court justices, three highly influential lobbyists and a handful of congressmen. Fiola offers a comfortable atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!) drinks with friends or a private party, for which they have two private rooms available. The exposed stone and good lighting make you feel as if you were in the Trabocchi home.

Fiola makes every guest feel welcomed and embraced. The Trabocchis and their knowledgeable staff take pride in their cuisine and service. They are readily available to pair food and wine that cater to your individual tastes and are invested in your enjoyment of the establishment. However, make your reservations well in advance. Fiola is rapidly gaining hype for all the right reasons.


Meal highlights:

Ahi tuna crostini: The ahi tuna and roasted tomato spread is seasoned with capers, fresh greens and a hint of citrus that adds a splash of zest to this airy appetizer. The tomato and tuna spread is paired with grilled crostini drizzled with olive oil.


Farotto: This is a lighter substitute for your traditional weighty risotto. The Tuscan farro is served with large portions of lobster meat and mushrooms. This rustic dish is a healthy option that doesn’t sacrifice taste.


Fiola hazelnut chocolate tart: This handmade dessert is a decadent pairing of hazelnut and chocolate that doesn’t weigh you down. The smooth chocolate contrasts with a sprinkling of crushed nuts on top.

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