It’s not just the Hoya wraps at Grab ’n’ Go that are leaving students with a bad taste in their mouths.

Georgetown University Dining Services has proudly advertised improvements to O’Donovan Hall over the past semester through its “We Hear You” campaign, but it remains remarkably deaf toward student complaints regarding the unreasonable and inconvenient policies of Grab ’n’ Go.

Grab ’n’ Go was developed to accommodate students’ busy schedules, but the rigidity of its rules fails to serve students’ needs.

If Grab ’n’ Go truly served its intended purpose, a student would be allowed to get multiple meals at once in anticipation of a busy schedule, but currently only one meal is accessible during desginated meal times.

Grab ’n’ Go closes at 8 p.m. on weekdays, making it unavailable to those students looking for sustenance after normal dining hours. Like Late Night at Leo’s, Grab ’n’ Go should be open until at least 11 p.m. on weekdays.

Then comes the issue of the weekend. The policy that prevents students from using their remaining meals on a Friday afternoon at Grab ’n’ Go to stock up for the weekend is counterproductive to the ideal function of a to-go dining service.

The university has made it a point to avoid wasting the food it serves at Leo’s and Grab ’n’ Go, which is supposedly the logic behind limiting students to one to-go meal per time slot. Allowing students to purchase at their own pace would not force Grab ’n’ Go to overstock. It would be hard to imagine a student taking a week’s worth of meals at once.

Georgetown students run on tight schedules, and sometimes this means forgoing a trip to Leo’s. Students who pay the hefty meal plan price should have better access to a meal on the go during a week of busy classes. Rather than helping students stay nourished, Grab ’n’ Go policies appear to be aimed at limiting how much we get for our money.

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