O’Donovan Hall has been evacuated three times this semester after fire alarms have sounded due to faulty equipment.

According to university spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, the most recent fire alarm went off Oct. 31, when a faulty heater started to smoke in a storage room that is connected to the Southwest Garage.

“When we all heard the alarm go off, we were told there was some sort of grease fire and that we had to get out of the building,” said Ronald Lowery, who has worked at Leo’s for three years. “We and some students waited outside for 30 to 45 [minutes] while DPS checked out the facility. I never saw anything to imply that an actual fire had taken place, though.”

The two previous incidents occurred in mid-September and early October. The first was caused by a bad sensor in the fire alarm system, the second by a faulty food warmer in the lower-level kitchen.

“Generally, there have been more alarms here this fall than usual. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or not,” said Capricia Lorick, who began working at Leo’s in February. “All I know is that none of them have been the result of any major problems. We just all have to follow the evacuation order — that’s mandatory.”

Kerr said that each issue that caused a fire alarm in the dining hall has been subsequently repaired by University Facilities.

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