Georgetown honored 15 recently tenured or promoted faculty members at the Fall Faculty Con-vocation ceremony Wednesday afternoon in Gaston Hall.

The faculty members are from multiple schools and departments within the university.

“Through your work, your scholarship and your teaching, you have helped to enrich our tradition and deepen our commitment to the highest levels of academic excellence,” University President John J. DeGioia said in his address to the faculty.

Guest speaker Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian, a professor of architecture at The Ohio State University and a visiting professor at Georgetown, spoke about the importance of incorporating research into university curricula.

“A traditional university is set up with the notion that you have the disciplines at the center — it’s called core curriculum for a reason — and then you have research as an edge condition,” she said. “If we’re going to turn the university inside out, we put those enduring questions in the middle … not as big things, but as little pieces we all work on, and then the disciplines move to the outside.”

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