We beat Duke.

We beat Duke, and the respect that John Thompson III promised to reestablish was finally realized. If people had forgotten that we are Georgetown, this game reminded them. Georgetown is back.

We beat Duke, and we showed the nation that even the most celebrated, presumably flawless, undefeated team can be vanquished with the right combination of determination, talent and hard work.

We beat Duke, and like Blue Devils Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski said, we earned this win. So here’s to Jeff Green and Brandon Bowman, to Jonathan Wallace and Roy (Roy Roy Roy!) Hibbert, and to Ashanti Cook and Darrel Owens. Their intensity and skilled athleticism led to these 40 minutes of Hoya legend. Here’s to all 15 players, whose daily efforts finally yielded this unforgettable reward. Here’s to John Thompson III, who taught us how to believe in ourselves again. And here’s to John Thompson, Jr., who reminded us of the excellence that the Georgetown name embodies.

We beat Duke, and the school spirit that is so often a disappointing absence on this campus exploded in full force, like an untapped resource. For one blissful Saturday, everybody was proud to be a Hoya. Everybody could sing the convoluted fight song with a passion and impressive accuracy never before heard. We all felt like we were part of a community, cutting across former lines of cliques and backgrounds. This basketball team has the power to bring us together, and the players feed off of our enthusiasm.

Hoya Blue has certainly made a difference, demonstrating that it is a much more organized group this year. But the strength of the cheering section comes in numbers, and fair-weather fans do not count, students or otherwise. Saturday’s sell-out crowd marked only the third time that MCI has been filled to capacity for Georgetown basketball. The sheer numbers and the excitement at the Duke game were special, but that is the way that it always should be.

We beat Duke, but when the high wears off, let’s not fall back into indifference. To forget the unity that we felt would be a shame. Let’s make everyday a day in which we exude the spirit of Georgetown – on campus, in the neighborhood and beyond. Let’s make other people give us the same respect – and fear – for which Georgetown used to be famous. Let’s make every game at MCI Center a sellout, with raucous crowds in gray. Let’s take this winning attitude and roll through the rest of the season to the NCAA tournament. This team finally achieved its potential for greatness. Let’s not settle for anything less.

We beat Duke, and we will never forget it. Because Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006, was the day that the new Georgetown era began.

We are Georgetown. Hoya Saxa.

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