Over six months of campaigning came to a disappointing end Tuesday for Advisory Neighborhood Commission candidates Eric Lashner (COL ’05) and Mike Griffin (COL ’05). The two Georgetown students were defeated in their bids to become commissioners of districts 2E02 and 2E03, respectively, by two non-student area residents.

Georgetown’s third ANC candidate, Mike Glick (COL ’05), ran as a write-in candidate in District 2E04, an all-student district that includes most of Georgetown’s Main Campus.

“Even though we didn’t end up winning, we learned a lot and had a good experience participating,” Lashner said. “I was glad to see the student turnout, and I feel like I had a good portion of the community supporting me.”

“I think we ran a really good campaign; we just came up a little short in the end,” Griffin said. “Win or lose, it was a good experience.”

Lashner noted that between 30 to 40 students may have cast ballots in the wrong district because of problems at the polling stations. He said that some of the polling judges were not aware which residence halls were located in which district and may have given students incorrect ballots. “It really wouldn’t affect the results of the election . but it really hurt us,” he added.

Though the write-in votes have not been officially tabulated by the ANC election commission, Glick gained more votes than any other write-in candidate, the requirement for winning the district. Glick said he was happy to be a commissioner, but the victory was “a little bittersweet . It certainly isn’t the way it was supposed to turn out,” he said. “I’ll miss their support on the ANC, but I look forward to working with the other six commissioners to get things done for students.”

In District 2E02, local resident Jason Hurdle won 50.6 percent of the vote to become commissioner; Lashner won 34.5 percent. A third candidate, Bo Blair, received 13.8 percent. District 2E02 includes Henle Village and Darnall Hall as well as parts of Georgetown between Volta Place, R Street, Q Street and Reservoir Road.

Griffin won 34.7 percent of the vote in his district, but lost out to William Skelsey’s 64.8 percent. District 2E03, comprises areas of Georgetown between N Street, Volta Road, 37th Street and Wisconsin Avenue as well as Copley and Harbin residence halls.

Results of the election will be certified Nov. 20.

More than 300 Georgetown students voted in the ANC elections Nov. 5. Campaign Georgetown, a campus group that aims to promote students’ rights in the community, ran vans every 10 minutes on Election Day to take students from Healy Gates to polling stations in D.C.

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