RICHARD OLIVEIRA SOENS FOR THE HOYA The new bagel shop is not expected to compete with The Corp’s Uncommon Grounds in Leavey Center.
The new bagel shop is not expected to compete with The Corp’s Uncommon Grounds in Leavey Center.

Einstein Bros. Bagels opened a new location in Regents Hall last Wednesday, just a minute’s walk from Uncommon Grounds.

Like Einstein’s other location in Car Barn, this shop is self service, with only one employee managing the register.

“Dining Services was glad to enhance quick food options at this part of campus and offer service in our newest building and student study space,” Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services Margie Bryant wrote in an email.

According to Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, the Science Center Planning Committee, which was responsible for allocating space in Regents, wanted to include a food outlet in the new building. The committee looked to Car Barn’s bagel shop as a good example of utilizing a small amount of space and felt that opening another store was a feasible option.

“The committee thought a similar Einstein Bros. would work well in the limited space,” Pugh wrote in an email. “As I understand it, [the committee] also considered The Corp, but the space is very small — just a counter against the wall.”

Although the new store is close to Uncommon Grounds, Students of Georgetown, Inc. CEO Mike West (COL ’13) said that he does not anticipate a decrease in business.

“We don’t see it as too much of a threat,” he said. “It’s a different market. It seems like they’re much more geared for the ‘grab and go.’”

West added that Uncommon Grounds resembles a storefront and provides students with an area to socialize, while Einstein’s serves students who are on the move.

“You come in and you want to stay a while [at Uncommon Grounds], while at [Einstein’s] you just want to grab a bagel and run,” he said.

While The Corp will be opening a new location in the New South Student Center, West said that the student-run business never considered adding a location in Regents, primarily because of its proximity to Uncommon Grounds.

Students are glad to have both options available to them.

“It’s really convenient,” Mika Nur (MSB ’15) said. “It’s a nice little bite between classes. There are substantial lines at UG, so I go there with friends for social things.”

Students were also pleased that the new Einstein Bros. location is so centrally located.

“I love Einstein’s,” Taylor Stevens (COL ’16) said. “Car Barn is out of the way, so it’s nice to have the option here. It would be better if it were a full store.”

The Einstein’s in Car Barn will be expanding to become a fully staffed shop at some point in the future, according to the university’s dining website. The website does not provide an expected timeline for this change.

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