Efforts to Buy Bulldog Mascot Meet Opposition

By Jean Weinberg Hoya Staff Writer

While support has continued to build during the past week for the idea of obtaining a bulldog as a mascot for Georgetown University athletics, residence life has voiced both housing and health concerns, and Sports Promotions has said it would rather use a neighbor’s bulldog at sporting events. An e-mail dated Dec. 4 from Daniel Cohen of Sports Promotions to ichael J. Boyle (MSB ’00), co-founder of Hoya Blue, explains these developments.

“Nobody is really opposed to the idea, there are just a few logistical problems that need to be worked out,” Boyle said. He said he thinks the bulldog will probably be purchased by the end of January. An alumnus has offered to bring his bulldog to the games for the meantime, until a bulldog is purchased.

Both Boyle and Kathleen Long (COL ’99) of the Senior Class Committee organized the “Bring Back Jack” Campaign. There was a “Bring Back Jack” table in Red Square from Dec. 1 through 4, which, according to Boyle, “brought in roughly $60” in contributions. A portion of the proceeds made at Senior Night at F. Scott’s last Thursday will also go towards the “Bring Back Jack” Campaign.

Several students offered their support at the “Bring Back Jack” table, saying that their parents might possibly be willing to donate their bulldogs to Hoy Blue. Also, a woman who works at the career center who owns a kennel said she might be willing to donate a bulldog, which could potentially save Hoya Blue $1500 to $1800.

Boyle said that he was “not planning on getting all funds from students.” If a bulldog is not donated, Boyle said, he has proposed to send a letter to all the departments on campus and some major student groups, such as Students of Georgetown, Inc. and GPB, requesting hundred dollar donations.

According to the e-mail, Director of Sports Promotions Brian McGuire would prefer to use a neighbor’s bulldog in order to avoid the cost of purchasing a dog or caring for it. If that bulldog is used, it would be the only bulldog to represent athletics, the e-mail said.

According to Austin Martin (COL ’99), co-founder of Hoya Blue, the next step that will be taken to solidify the purchase of a bulldog is a meeting with Penny Rue, Senior Associate Dean of Students, Brian Maguire, Director of Sports Promotions, David Sears, Director of Development of Intercollegiate Athletics, James A. Donahue, Dean of Students, Bethany Marlowe, Director of Residential Life, Scott Pilarz, S.J., Long and Boyle. The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. Participants will discuss the different options available to Hoya Blue.

The meeting will be held in an effort to address various concerns held by campus officials about the purchase and care of the bulldog that must be addressed before Hoya Blue can purchase the bulldog. Martin said he thinks the proposal to buy a bulldog “is something that will go through.”

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