On Tuesday, the Georgetown Scholarship Program launched its third annual #GSProud campaign, which celebrates low-income and first-generation college students at Georgetown. The campaign includes events and discussions focused on economic inclusivity and honoring those GSP students who contribute to the everyday life of our campus.

In light of the campaign, this editorial board encourages all students to celebrate GSP’s initiatives and reflect on how other campus organizations can support its efforts. Many organizations can look to Students for Georgetown, Inc. as an example of how a club can ensure that all students, no matter their status or financial situation, can be served effectively. The Corp has recently partnered with GSP for a range of pilot programs to support disadvantaged students on campus, which will also make sure students in GSP are a part of an inclusive campus.

In its official partnership with GSP, The Corp is implementing programs to benefit the 625 undergraduates who currently receive financial support from GSP in an effort to bridge gaps between the organization and GSP. Some of the initiatives include helping alleviate storage costs with Corp Storage and working with students to apply to some of the 14 scholarship applications available to students every year. They also plan on hosting specific sessions to introduce opportunities in The Corp to GSP students so they can potentially find a place in the organization.

The Corp, one of Georgetown’s largest student organizations, is taking initiative in making our community stronger and more inclusive at the same time. It also is a welcome sign of an organization reaching out to assist students that make up a core group at Georgetown. GSP serves to connect disadvantaged students with resources for every aspect of their lives, from job opportunities to affordable excursions.

The Corp alone, however, cannot address all issues of equality and inclusivity on campus. Even after the #GSProud campaign, student groups should establish programming ties with GSP. This would serve not only to provide more equitable opportunity on campus but also to invite more perspectives to the table. Groups such as the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union could partner with GSP to assist students with financial literacy and financial services like a credit-building program.

Another group that could effectively partner with GSP is the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society. Blue and Gray tour guides are responsible for being the face of our university for prospective applicants and families who wish to attend Georgetown. A potential partnership with the GSP could involve a direct pipeline of GSP students becoming tour guides or for tour guides to provide more extensive information about GSP to visiting students.

With The Corp’s current actions, our community as a whole should seek to make sure all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, belong to a campus of inclusiveness. Going forward, other organizations should demonstrate their support for GSP students not only through #GSProud but also through their own programs and initiatives. Our community as a whole benefits when we all strive to assist and lift our peers. We can better embody the values for which this university stands through community action and bridging gaps between more organizations and groups of students.

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