From organizing community watch parties for the presidential debates to forming groups that seek to bridge interfaith understanding, the Georgetown community prides itself on being an environment that promotes discussion among those who hold different perspectives and opinions. Beyond our gates, however, the negativity and divisiveness plaguing the current presidential election and political system as a whole make it nearly impossible to watch the news without being exposed to ignorance and irrational dismissal of opposing views.

In this time, students should expose themselves to as many perspectives as possible and seek to broaden their understanding of the politics that dominate our national arena. Students demonstrated their commitment to this goal with the launch of The Georgetown Review, a new journal seeking to “provide this university with a thoughtful and vigorous journal of conservative opinion,” according to its website. The new initiative comes from former members of the GU Right Way, the official online publication of the Georgetown University College
Republicans that was discontinued this summer.

The founders of The Georgetown Review said they made the publication independent from GUCR because they felt this new brand would diversify political dialogue and discourse on campus. With no affiliation to GUCR, the new publication aims to “be critical in enhancing political discussion,” according to The Georgetown Review Editor-in-Chief Kevin Toohers in an interview with The Hoya on Oct. 18.

With the arrival of a new student publication dedicated to encouraging political dialogue outside party affiliations, students across the community should look at The Georgetown Review as an example of how our community can be better served with even more discourse dedicated to exposing and confronting various discussions and beliefs. Its embracement and dedication to conservative opinion should certainly diversify the overall political discourse across campus.

Our community would be best served with more publications like The Georgetown Review, which seeks to be a medium for conservative perspectives that are often not espoused as frequently as liberal ones in this university. By being unaffiliated with a specific party group, the publication is in a position to serve as a platform inviting the opinion of supporting and opposing sides, allowing for a wider range in debate and diversification of views. It is important that students across the community look at this new medium as an opportunity to discover new voices, varying thoughts and opinions, as well as discussions to which many would not be exposed otherwise.

While the introduction of a conservative student journal will add to the diversity of publications across campus, students should also strive to further collaborate and contribute to the goal of broader and deeper discourse. Perhaps the publication’s introduction will encourage other students to establish a liberal journal independent from Georgetown University College Democrats and its publication GU Progressive to give students an outlet of expression without taking on a partisan or party label. Such an initiative would be another step in opening up political dialogue beyond the normal boundaries of party groups on campus.

In a time when party divisiveness is high and political rhetoric is filled with negativity, there is a need for a new platform that seeks to engage with contemporary issues through a unique and public voice. We can all appreciate the benefits that a constructive exchange of ideas will bring to the community.

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