To the Editor: I was offended by the Feb. 15 e-mail sent out to all students from Georgetown Peace Action advertising “Perspectives Against the War in Iraq” event. The invitation invites students to “take a moment to reflect on the current war our president has gotten us involved in.” This statement is a blatant political smear against President Bush. As someone who has family and friends serving in the military, we owe it to our troops to respect the commander in chief in wartime. any people in the Georgetown community would take offense with this statement, believing instead that it is extremist Muslims who hate American values who have gotten our country involved in the war on terror. These Islamic fundamentalists hate the values of freedom and religious tolerance upon which our beloved Georgetown was founded. While I don’t agree with the event, I respect their right to present it, and I think it does add to the intellectual debate at Georgetown. I do, however, urge University Provost James O’Donnell to review the guidelines for campus-wide e-mails to avoid future inflammatory and controversial e-mails. Francis Brogan (COL ’07) Feb. 16, 2007

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