Seniors who identified themselves as former residents of Darnall Hall’s third floor returned to the dormitory on Saturday night, destroying an emergency exit sign, dislodging the floor’s water fountain and pulling a fire alarm, according to third floor residents.

Sedric Nesbitt (COL ’11) said he and fellow residents heard a group of approximately 20 students on the third floor at approximately 11:30 p.m. The hall was later evacuated when the fire alarm went off.

“They just came in all drunk, making a lot of ruckus, [and] started banging on all the doors,” he said.

Nesbitt said that the students smelled like alcohol and were holding cans of beer in their hands.

The students were not Darnall residents, according to Nesbitt, and identified themselves as seniors.

“Two visibly drunk girls came to my door,” Emmanuel Hampton (COL ’11), Nesbitt’s roommate, said. “One told me to get out of my room because it was their room when they were freshmen.”

Hampton said all the members of the group indicated that they had lived on the third floor of Darnall when they were freshmen.

The group spent less than five minutes in Darnall, according to Nesbitt.

While no students have reported seeing anyone pull the fire alarm, many said they believe the alleged seniors were responsible.

“I can say I’m pretty certain it was them,” Hampton said. “Most of the floor was gone and everyone who was there was completely sober – they wouldn’t have done it.”

The building’s occupants were all forced to evacuate after the fire alarm was pulled according to Caitlin Chen (COL ’08), Darnall’s third floor resident assistant, who was doing laundry in the basement at the time of the incident.

After allegedly pulling the fire alarm, the students ran out of the hall and down a flight of stairs on the side of the building,

he said.

“That’s probably how they got in, too,” he added. “You just wait for someone to come out [of that exit], and you just go in.”

Third floor resident Brian Dillon (COL ’11) said he arrived at Darnall shortly before the alarm sounded.

“I was in the lobby, and I was about to swipe my GOCard when I saw a female [Department of Public Safety] officer standing there,” he said. “The fire alarm went off a minute later, and she yelled `Aw, no!'”

Dillon said he evacuated the building and saw a large group of older students exiting through the back door of Darnall.

“They were running down the stairs yelling about D3 and chanting `Seniors ’08, we win!'”

Fire alarms have been a regular occurrence at Darnall recently – there have been at least three since Wednesday – and some students, who declined to be named for fear of disciplinary action, chose not to leave their rooms.

“I knew it wasn’t a real fire,” one student said, “so I just stayed in my room.”

The D.C. Fire Department did not respond to the alarm, and a representative said the department did not receive a call on Saturday night.

embers of the facilities staff arrived at Darnall shortly after the incident to remove the water fountain and stop the flow of water into the hall.

Chen said the incident was the first instance of vandalism this year on the third floor of Darnall.

The incident is currently under investigation by DPS, according to Patrick Killilee, associate director of the Office of Residence Life. Killilee and Darnall Hall Director Candace Clawson declined to comment further on the incident.

DPS declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Nesbitt said that he and his floor mates were not disturbed by the incident.

“We were just like, trying to see what was going on. We weren’t really angry or anything,” he said. “They didn’t mess up our stuff; they didn’t really hurt our personal belongings. . The exit sign, the water fountain, it’s no big deal.”

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