The number of reported drug violations shot up significantly in October, with six incidents reported between Oct. 1 and Oct 31.

By comparison, the Department of Public Safety reported no drug-related incidents in September and only two in August.

The number of drug violations followed a similar trend last school year, when five occurred in October and only two in September.

The increase in drug violations, which included at least two cases of marijuana smoking and one case of narcotics possession, comes amid a slight overall drop in crime. DPS reported 44 incidents last month, down from 46 in September.

Despite the spike in drug violations, theft composed the majority of reported crimes this month, accounting for 25 of the 46 total incidents. This represents a slight drop from the 29 thefts reported in September. Still, theft has increased 47 percent over last October, when only 17 cases were reported.

Six of this month’s thefts were of bicycles, down from the 11 bicycle thefts in September. Yates Field House was also the target of a rash of five thefts earlier this month, an increase over the two or three that occurred in most of the previous months.

The frequency of alcohol violations remained consistent between September and October, with three incidents reported in both months. But this number was down from last October, when six alcohol violations occurred.

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