The Department of Public Safety recently reported an incident of electronic theft in a residence near campus. A Georgetown student arrived at his or her home on the 3600 block of N St NW on Jan. 8 at approximately 1:30 p.m. The student noticed someone in the house and later identified him as “a black male, approximately 5’10”, medium build, brown skin, wearing a white cloth hat and a long black leather coat,” according to a broadcast e-mail sent out by DPS on Jan. 14.

The individual in question told the student he was a member of the maintenance staff, a statement that the student later realized was untrue. The individual then “rushed toward the door and left.” The student later discovered that three laptops, not registered with DPS, had been stolen from the residence. The etropolitan Police Department arrived to the home but its immediate investigation yielded no positive results.

DPS said that no one was harmed in the incident and reminded students to be on the alert for “suspicious activity” when entering or leaving their homes. “Crime can occur at anytime, as in the above case where the suspect was found inside a residence at 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon,” the DPS e-mail said.

DPS advises that students lock all windows and doors, secure their variables, register laptops and bicycles and report suspicious activity in order to best reduce crime. Students living off campus, who have safety concerns should call the Metropolitan police Department at 202.727.1010 (or 311) and DPS at 7-4343 immediately, while on-campus students should call DPS at 7-4343 with any safety concerns.

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