Ah, spring break. The mere words bring to mind mid-afternoon naps on the beach and nights you will barely remember. As I’m not really good at being a young person, I’ve never done the typical, tropical spring break. This year I’m headed to Ireland to drink copious pints and get rained on. It’s going to be beautiful. If you’re anything like me, music is of the ultimate importance for setting the mood of a trip. Matt & Kim will forever remind me of London, David Guetta of the Dominican Republic and Johnny Flynn of train rides through Germany. I want to help set the mood for your vacation — because I like you. Here are a few songs to make your break truly memorable … despite all the mistakes you may want to forget.

When I travel anywhere, and by any means (I’m serious … car, train, plane, camel), I get fed up with the human race. Why are you going 100 mph on the highway without getting pulled over? Are you seriously confiscating my tweezers, TSA? Please, talk more loudly on your cell phone; I would love to hear about your cousin’s birthday party.

As you can see, I’m a treat, which explains why I often listen to loud, angry music while I’m travelling. Thankfully, Sleigh Bells released a new album this week, so I’m set for my international flight. “Crush,” my favorite track, has plenty of Sleigh Bells’ signature, fantastically loud guitar and aggressive hand clapping to soothe my aggravated nerves. Hopefully this song will help you avoid assault charges against any crying babies or over-eager recliners.

If you’re headed somewhere warm to drink margaritas and develop a Snooki-dark tan, or if you live somewhere that’s warm all the time (which means I hold a grudge against you), you’re going to need some irreverent rap to serve as the backdrop to your vacation. It’s just the law. Download “Youth” by The Dean’s List — its beat is suitably uplifting, but the true reason I picked this song is the chorus, which is an ode to being young and irresponsible. The hook is perfectly smooth and, when coupled with a few truly tongue-twistingly fast verses, is sure to make you want to do something a little crazy, like attend an MTV wet T-shirt contest. Honestly, it’s kind of impossible for me to envision “Spring Break” without Carson Daly lurking in the background.

I believe that there are still cold places left on this earth, even if D.C. is currently global warming central. If you’re headed home to a colder part of the country (I hear there’s snow in Chicago) or taking a trip to hit the slopes, you’re going to need a mellow track to delight your ears while you look out the window at a winter wonderland. My gift to you is Coke Weed’s “Magpie,” an incredibly stripped-down song propelled along by the lightest accompaniment of guitar. The melody is deeply simplistic, but the ethereal vocals are this song’s true star; the lead singer sounds like a drugged-up Lana del Rey. The result is a song that is deeply dreamy. It could put you to sleep, in the best possible way — perfect for curling up by the fire with a good book. Or, you know, <i>The Hunger Games</i>.

So there you have it: three songs that can suit any style of spring break. I hope they bring additional joy to what is sure to be a joyous 10 days. Now all you need to do is print out your boarding pass and buy some trashy magazines and unhealthy airport snacks to help you make it to your final destination. I sincerely hope that your vacation closely resembles the lyrics to “Waking up in Vegas.”

Kinne Chapin is a senior in the College. FACE THE MUSIC appears every other Friday in the guide.

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