Beginning with the reopening of residence halls on Jan. 7, the university has implemented a 24-hour guard policy that permits all students to enter the lobbies of residence halls, modifying the current residence hall lockdown policy. Previously, students could enter only their own residence hall without an escort from the respective building.

Student guards will continue to check student identification cards between 8 a.m. and midnight. From midnight until 8 a.m., professional security guards from Allied Security will check for proper student identification. Non-residents will still have to be signed in by a resident to gain full access to the dormitory.

The policy revision is the result of a compromise between students and administrators made during a series of town hall meetings on the 24-hour lockdown policy. The new policy responds to student concerns that locking students outside of residence halls could actually make students less safe.

“In response to student concerns, [professional security guards] will facilitate entry to all those with legitimate business and proper identification now that the residence halls are locked 24 hours a day,” a Jan. 9 university broadcast e-mail said.

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