To the Editor:

The careful reader is left to wonder if the crux of Evan Caplan’s piece (“`Thanks for Nothing’ in 2005,” THE HOYA, Nov. 22, 2005, A3) was that there was nothing to be thankful for, or that he was thankful for nothing. He may have meant the former but he certainly proved the latter.

Giving Caplan the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was just trying to be edgy as he used a solemn tradition to childishly complain about natural disasters, the choice of the American electorate, his ever burdensome workload, the treatment of indigenous peoples 385 years ago and the prospect of stealing President DeGioia away from his own family on a holiday.

I suppose each one of his implications may be correct. I might be more thankful if there were fewer hurricanes; Caplan might be more thankful if his work for classes were less challenging; 49 percent of the nation might be more thankful if their opinion trumped that of the majority; and Indians might be more thankful if American culture never persevered on this continent. Finally, Mrs. DeGioia might be more thankful if her husband were at home with his children instead of wasting his time with brats like Caplan.

A person of more mature character might offer a solution to any one of these complaints, or short of that, exhibit gratitude for whatever blessings haven’t been so cruelly stripped of him. Caplan doesn’t suggest giving his dorm or even backyard to some descendent of Squanto, offering any aid to victims of our many hurricanes or offer company to those without family nearby as DeGioia has so graciously done year after year. Nor does he suggest that we might be grateful for a government who no doubt has prevented some act by a national enemy or brought some comfort or support to a hurricane victim.

As a junior at Georgetown and a future diplomat of the School of Foreign Service, I only hope that he was, in fact, in search of a unique writing style and not intentionally showing the world such a lack of maturity, character and, well, thankfulness.

Kevin Manz (MSB ’03)

Letter to the Editor Nov. 22, 2005 To the Editor:

If Evan Caplan is indicative of the left’s mindset, it’s no wonder their ideology isn’t succeeding. His recent column (“`Thanks for Nothing’ in 2005,” THE HOYA, Nov. 22, 2005, A3) – a cynical, jaded, sarcastic and negative screed – only served to reinforce my opinion that the only people these days that are coming up with practical ideas, instead of simply complaining, are those on the right side of the aisle.

His eminence Mr. Caplan seems committed, not to making things better, but to wallowing in self-loathing and “righteous” indignation. Once again, he fails to put forth any valid ideas for solving what he (sarcastically) points out as problems. One has to wonder how depressed Mr. Caplan is to have nothing to be thankful for this year except the fact that the White Sox won the Series.

J.P. Medved (MSB ’09)

Nov. 27, 2005

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