From the Hilltop to Capitol Hill, Hoya freshmen will soon be taking over the District. On Saturday, Nov. 7, Georgetown will stage the third annual Big Hunt, a citywide scavenger hunt in which teams from the freshman class compete to win a variety of prizes.

But winning the prizes (which in past years have included everything from a trip to Disney, to a limousine trip to Baltimore, to a dinner at 1789 with George Stephanopoulos) is only half the fun. The real thrill of the Big Hunt is making a new group of friends, exploring the city and doing something different with a Saturday.

For the past two years, hundreds of first-year students have competed in the Big Hunt and come back with positive reviews. This year’s hunt promises to be no different.

That the Big Hunt ever came to Georgetown in the first place is remarkable. The initial hunt, three years ago, was not staged by any one single group planning the event. A handful of hard-working students organized the first hunt and got as many sponsors as they could.

It is the sort of event that makes Georgetown a unique campus ? creative students, working hard to stage an event where people can have fun, make friends, get to know the city and win fantastic prizes.

With the Hunt still a weekend away, there is still time to get involved. Whether it’s volunteering as an upperclassman, participating in the hunt as a freshman or beginning to brainstorm ideas about next year’s Hunt, there is a lot to be done.

It looks like the Big Hunt is here to stay. And Georgetown is a better place for it.

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