1038998752As freshmen are finally getting oriented to the Hilltop, the beloved tradition of senior Dis-Orientation is entering its homestretch this weekend. But while these meticulously planned 10 days of frivolity have undoubtedly been a high point in ushering in senior year for many students, Dis-O’sscheduling amid the flow of students’ last — and for many, best — year of college is inopportune.

Mid-September marks peak season for time-consuming senior job hunts, and across campus, academics have already hit their unyielding stride. Forced to prioritize, many in the Class of 2014 found themselves unable to dive intoDis-O as fully as they would have liked. A simple solution — one that would satisfy both organizers and attendees — would be moving the celebrations in future years to the week immediately following New Student Orientation. This would both serve to increase participation and give seniors the chance to enjoy Dis-O without having to, say, leave early to study.

Despite their obvious attraction, many Dis-O events this year have been poorly attended, in large part due to scheduling conflicts and work pressures. A Dis-O party last Friday on Leavey Esplanade occurred on the night of Yom Kippur, and a kayaking event on Monday drew only 10 people. While the third week of classes has been a previously traditional time for Dis-O, there is little reason that the celebrations could not be held earlier, even concurrently with Welcome Week. The events are clearly geared at different age groups, and Dis-O’s events are almost always later in the day or at night. And because the events are planned as a playful counterpart to NSO, scheduling it to immediately followNSO events would be logical.

The current timing of Dis-O denies many seniors the opportunity to enjoy the carefree atmosphere that pervades the Hilltop before more serious time commitments get into full swing, and seniors deserve the chance to properly inaugurate their last year on campus. A scheduling shift would keep the mood light and attendance up for all of the revelry, mayhem and good times that the Senior Class Committee seeks to deliver.

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