No matter where Amanda Bynes is in her life, I will always remember her as Viola/Sebastian Hastings in the 2006 cult classic “She’s the Man.” In one scene, Olivia Lennox walks up to Duke Orsino on the bench press and whips out this casual cool line: “How many reps could you do with me?” When I decided I was going to woman up and ask my Yates crush on a date, I immediately wondered how to reenact this scene.

We go to a school that is commonly known to rank A+ for both guys’ and girls’ looks. When your second home is Yates, you inevitably develop Yates crushes. We’ll call this one Apple Jacks. I’ve seen AJ at Yates for the past two years, yet never on campus or at the same party. Considering his attractiveness, I might even say he’s out of my league. In the same vein as my attempts at being fearless and a strong woman who doesn’t unnecessarily say “sorry” or “just,” I’m trying to reject the idea of leagues.

A couple weeks ago, I saw AJ and started hyperventilating. Instead of asking him on a date, I went around and asked several guys I didn’t know what they would do if a young woman such as myself walked up to them and asked them on a date…

Male Opinion #1: “That might be a little weird.”

Male Opinion #2: “I’d consider it.”

Male Opinion #3: “I would say ‘Thank you very much. I’m in.’”

Male Opinion #4: “Just don’t be weird about it.”

Male Opinion #5: “Go for it, I believe in you.”

Male Opinion #6: “No guy will hold it against a girl for making the first move.”

A few days later, I felt that I had sufficiently gathered my confidence, yet AJ wasn’t there. Instead, I went around and asked several guys I didn’t know if the script I had planned would work for them. Three out of three respondents gave me positive feedback.

After practicing the script with Attractive Male #1 and standing up to resume my workout, Male #1 continued “I would go on a date with you if you asked me that.” To which I responded “Cool, thanks.” Shortly after, I realized he said yes to a date I did not ask him on. But just like that, he was gone.
Finally the day arrived. Yates crush AJ was there and I was feeling brave.

I am demanding props, because there were innocent bystanders without earbuds in who had the privilege of watching this. With the deadline for this article looming, I went for it.

“Hi, my name is… I don’t know anything about you but I would like to. Can I buy you coffee sometime?”
BOOM. AJ respected my bold Yates move and fortunately did not turn me down. We’re going on a coffee date and I’m terrified. Have I mentioned I’m a self-proclaimed introvert who has never been on a real date before?

A friend once told me Yates is not the place to make a move. We’re all “too in the zone” apparently. This is not a hard and fast rule. Introduce yourself to your Yates crush, Hoya friends. Sparks might fly.
Then again they may not, but you can avoid anyone with your earbuds and a lack of shame.

CerealThe Cereal Dater is a senior in the McDonough School of Business. Resurrect the Date appears every other Friday.

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