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The university currently averages its enrollment between both semesters

because more students study abroad during the spring semester.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment will not allow the Zoning Commission to approve planned campus construction, including the Royden B. Davis, S.J., Performing Arts Center, if the university exceeds the enrollment cap of 5,627 undergraduates.

“Loosely translated, what [the ruling] means is that Georgetown can move forward with current building plans, [such as] the performing arts center, because we were found to be in compliance with campus plan issues, including the enrollment cap, which we define by averaging the number of fall and spring full-time traditional undergraduates,” Julie Green Bataille, assistant vice president for communications, said.

Current enrollment figures are expected to exceed the cap. University officials claim that the loss of as few as 100 students could cost the university $3 million in revenue.

The current wording in the 10-year plan could have far-reaching effects. Exceeding the cap could cost the university building permits as well as revenue, and could also bring about fines.

Zoning Commission officials said that the commission will make a final ruling on the issue of the enrollment cap in one year and that the university can submit a request to change the way that enrollment is counted before then.

“We are still waiting to see the Zoning Commission’s final written order and once we do we will have to review it to determine a strategy for dealing with this issue in the future,” Bataille said.

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