I was offended by Lizzie Griesedieck’s March 24 “Kinky Lizard” cartoon captioned “The road to hell is paved by Georgetown tour guides” (The Hoya, A2). I am disgusted that The Hoya would publish such a grotesque and inaccurate cartoon.

In the cartoon, Griesedieck depicts a Georgetown tour guide named Ted spouting perceived lies about Georgetown. Through Ted, Griesedieck complains that: Leo’s is unappealing, the Southwest Quad lacks hot water, The Corp is a clique, SFS students lack souls, the administration fails to address student concerns, Georgetown lacks diversity, sex and alcohol are too prevalent on this campus, professors assign too much homework, the campus lacks easy-to-find “fun” and that course registration is too hard.

Some of Griesedieck’s comments were neither offensive nor inaccurate: They were just the bland, hackneyed complaints that The Hoya has published, in various formats, on innumerable occasions. Her claims that Leo’s may not sate students’ appetites and that the administration is deaf to students’ concerns fall under this category.

However, the vast majority of Griesedieck’s commentary was offensive and woefully unwarranted. For example, anyone who walks through Red Square realizes from the hundreds of fliers promoting student events that “fun” does exist on this campus. Individually, these claims are silly generalizations. Collectively, they insult the entire Georgetown community.

I do not question Grisedieck’s right to free speech: she has a constitutional right to express her thoughts, no matter how petty and insignificant those thoughts are. What I do question, however, is why on earth The Hoya would publish such trash. Does The Hoya really believe that Georgetown tour guides (or anyone who cherishes Georgetown as a fun, diverse and intellectually stimulating community), pave the “road to hell?”

ark Schmidt (SFS ’12)

arch 24, 2009

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