Now that the weather’s getting colder, we’re going to be seeing more “sweatpants days,” as I like to call them. A sweatpants day is a day — preferably a Saturday or Sunday — when you wake up late, notice the chilly weather and decide that today is just not a day to leave your house. It’s very likely that you’ll shuffle around your house with your hands in your pockets, and, instead of actual meals, you’ll eat a few bags of tortilla chips. You will watch a lot of TV, and you might forget to shower.

What do you drink on a sweatpants day? Sometimes a pina colada just does not fit your mood when the weather is bleak. You want something darker or moodier. These days are for drinks you can sip sitting in your bed and listening to the Louis Armstrong version of “La Vie en Rose.”

Let’s start with the basic choices: For beers, look for pale ales and stouts. Guinness and the various autumn and Christmas ales are timely drinks, and they often have fall- and winter-appropriate pumpkin, clove and nutmeg flavors. As for liquor, one obvious choice is scotch, but dark tequila and rum are excellent choices as well.

If you have any brandy, a cool trick is to warm it before you drink it. One method is to slowly (and carefully) heat it in a small saucepan. Another way is to pour very hot water in your glass, empty it and pour the liquor into the warm glass.

There are a bunch of mixed drinks perfect for stormy days, and the recipes are below. As a general rule, you can create a great drink by mixing your favorite hot drink with the appropriate liquor and then intelligently adding spices. For example, brandy and apple cider is a terrific combination, and you can warm the cider and add apple peels and cinnamon.


4 oz. high-quality coffee

2 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey

1 tsp. brown sugar

Whipping cream

Pour hot water in your Irish coffee mug, and let it sit while making the coffee. Whip the cream. Dump the water, and mix coffee, whiskey and sugar. Stir with bar spoon and layer cream over the drink. Optional: Sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon.


2 oz. dark rum (Goslings works well)

Ginger beer (The best, in my opinion, is Reed’s. Ginger beer is also my favorite soft drink).

Quarter of a lime

This drink is actually the national drink of Bermuda, and the name is apt for hurricane season. Pour ginger beer over lime and ice, and then add the dark rum and stir slowly and gently for a swirling, stormy effect.


1.5 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 tsp. brown sugar

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

A pinch of nutmeg

Warm the milk in the microwave, and stir in the spices and Irish cream with a cinnamon stick until well mixed. Garnish with chocolate shavings if ambitious.

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