If you’re looking for a casual place to enjoy a weekend brunch, look no further than Book Hill Bistro. A converted townhouse, this spot is surprisingly spacious and the welcoming staff makes you feel as if you’re grabbing a bite to eat at a friend’s place. Its  homey feel converts well for dinner with its quiet elegance and delectable offerings.

Brunch is served on weekends from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and it includes a number of offerings. On a recent visit, a couple of friends and I sampled the eggs benedict, Irish oatmeal, and a standard American breakfast. Each dish had its own personal flair; the poached eggs in the benedict were delightfully fluffy and perfectly seasoned. They came with herb-seasoned home fries, which complemented the sweet Hollandaise sauce well. The Irish oatmeal was also much more than a simple bowl of oats, as it came with fruit, both fresh and dried, as well as granola and other accompaniments. The American breakfast met basic expectations, but the quality of the ingredients, including fresh eggs and ham which were sweet and juicy, made for a well-rounded dish.

In addition to brunch, their offerings for lunch and dinner are equally delicious. They offer acharcuterie board, which will delight anyone with a more adventurous palate, as well as traditional salads and sandwiches. For lunch, they feature a scrumptious croque monsieur, essentially a gourmet French grilled cheese with ham, which balances the ingredients to make the open-face sandwich a real treat. Additionally, the bistro’s  pasta and rice dishes have interesting twists that will surely please a range of customers. For example, the saffron risotto is reminiscent of the Milanese classic, but it is creatively tweaked with jumbo shrimp, roasted garlic and fresh green peas.

Even though the menu is relatively small, each item receives a lot of attention, and diners can tell that the owners have put a lot of effort into this adorable bistro. Prices are in the mid to high range, with breakfast and lunch entrees averaging about $15. Their dinner items are a little pricier, with entrees ranging from $15-28.  The warm atmosphere and obvious efforts of the staff will also put you at ease. The atmosphere is quite adaptable, making Book Hill Bistro both a great place for casual brunch and a wonderful location for a serene, romantic dinner.

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