The Corp Philanthropy Committee has increased its annual scholarship awards by $10,500 this year, according to CPC Chair Ryan Muldoon (COL ’13).

In fiscal year 2012, the Students of Georgetown, Inc.-run committee awarded $20,250 in scholarship funds, a figure that increased to $30,750 in fiscal year 2013. Additionally The Corp has added four additional scholarships to the five existing opportunities, which will allow more students to benefit, according to Muldoon.

“Scholarships are ways to get each individual Corp service involved with the philanthropic work of The Corp as a whole,” Muldoon said. “[They] afford us an opportunity to connect our services to their unique customer base … and to engage the employees of those services in helping determine the final scholarship recipients.”

Each service organizes its own scholarship competition. Students submit pieces online, and CPC and store executives choose the winners.

CPC also offers grants to student organizations. Students can apply online throughout the year, and CPC grants money on a case-by-case basis based on how the organization’s use of the funds will benefit the Georgetown community.

Since July 2012, CPC has received 45 grant applications and approved 28 so far. All grants and scholarships are financed by a yearly budget of $60,000.

“With this budget in mind, we are seeking to have the greatest possible impact on groups applying for funding,” Muldoon said.

CPC assigns two of its members to represent and monitor grant-winning organizations.

“Being a representative for CPC is a great way to connect at a very individual level with student groups and organizations on campus,” CPC representative Daniella Mitchell (MSB ’15) said. “The whole point of CPC is to further The Corp’s mission of students serving students by helping to fund their events and projects that impact the entirety of the Georgetown community.”

Muldoon said he hopes that CPC’s efforts will allow students to consider their purchases as investments in the Georgetown community.

“I hope that increasing numbers of Corp customers enter our services with the understanding that The Corp is more than coffee and grocery products,” he said. “The Corp is dedicated to enhancing our campus in a spirit of students serving students.”

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