CLARA MEIJA/THE HOYA New leadership teams for the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Association and the Students of Georgetown, Inc. will be formally welcomed in March.
New leadership teams for the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Association and the Students of Georgetown, Inc. will be formally welcomed in March.

Both the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union and Students of Georgetown, Inc. are planning to formally welcome their new senior leadership teams in March.

New Corp CEO Melina Hsiao (COL ’18), who formerly worked at The Hilltoss, said she is looking to improve The Corp’s relationship with students.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to improve The Corp’s relationship with campus,” Hsiao said. “I don’t mean this so much in the sense of the reputation, but of how we can be a positive entity in the lives of students.”

Hsiao is joined by incoming Vice President and COO Chris Caminiti (MSB ’19), who formerly worked at MUG, and Treasurer and CFO Jared D’Sa (COL ’19), a former member of the accounting division.

Hsiao said she is also looking to make The Corp more inclusive. The Corp, along with other student groups including GUASFCU and Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society, is seeking to make hiring more inclusive this spring by changing interview questions and expanding the number of people involved in hiring.

“I hope I can leave my term having seen a great deal of change in that direction and have confidence that the work will continue going forward,” Hsiao said. “I’m also hoping to make The Corp a more transparent institution for both employees and the Georgetown community.”

Incoming GUASFCU CEO Rupert Kingshott (MSB ’18) said he is excited to take the reins of the university’s credit union.

“It’s an organization that has meant a lot to me, and it’s helped me mature myself. And so the fact that I’m now giving back to it and really in control is very exciting,” Kingshott said. “It’s been quite surreal, to be honest.”

Kingshott is joined by Chief Financial Officer Max Hartley (MSB ’18), Chief Operating Officer and Chairman Michael Mumma (COL ’18), Chief Development Officer Shannon Hou (SFS ’18), Chief Technology Officer Nick Matz (COL ’18), Treasurer Ben Brothers (MSB ’18) and Chief Lending Officer Isabel Singal (MSB ’18).

Kingshott is set to take control of the credit union two years after starting out as a teller. Kingshott said the credit union is gearing up for an active semester, including planning for 35th anniversary celebrations.

The credit union is also rolling out a new online banking platform called NARMI, which was created by former GUASFCU interns.

“We’re currently rolling out a very, very modern online banking platform that was actually created by two old GUASFCU interns, and it’s something they learned from their experience at the credit union,” Kingshott said. “And now they’ve started this company called NARMI, and they’re using us to really just roll it out.”

The full rollout of the platform is not yet complete. However, Mumma said it will be a boon to the credit union’s members.

“We’ll be releasing more detail hopefully in the next few weeks,” Mumma said. “The whole point is to provide more convenient banking for our members from anywhere.”

The new leaders have said they hope the new platform will forge stronger ties between the credit union and students.

“We’re looking to be a bigger fixture in the community,” Mumma said. “We want to show students we’re here for them.”

Correction: This article previously stated Melanie Hsiao (COL ’18) as the new Corp CEO; Melina Hsiao (COL ’18) is the incoming CEO. 

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