Students are going to have to wait a little while longer for the return of an old favorite.

The new owners of Dixie Liquors on M Street said that construction has delayed the store’s reopening and that the store will not open for at least a few more weeks.

The store closed its doors in January, but after the three new owners bought the shop in June, they said that they hoped to reopen the store by mid August.

Jody Kurash, one of the new owners, cited the planned construction within the store as the cause of the delays.

“Our remodeling just took a lot longer than we had expected,” she said. “We don’t have a whole lot of news yet.”

The owners said in July that they wanted to repaint the exterior, build a second register and rearrange the floor plan of the shop in order to relieve congestion.

Kurash said that that there is a large market in Georgetown for the business to take advantage of.

“The store did a great business before. … There are a lot of students who are of age and it’s a very residential neighborhood,” she said.

While Kurash said that she wants to bring in more “higher-end liquors” once the store opens, kegs will still be sold. “We know there’s a huge market for [kegs] in the neighborhood,” Kurash said.

Pending the approval of their tasting license application, Dixie will also look to host wine tasting events.

While the partners expressed desire over the summer to begin a delivery service, Kurash said that no plans have been finalized.

“It’s something we’re definitely looking into,” Kurash said.

Todd Olson, the university’s vice president for student affairs, said that he is not concerned with the effect of Dixie’s reopening.

“I don’t see it as having an impact on student social life or activities on campus,” he said.

Kurash said that she and the other two owners, Mike Marucci and Ron Leoni, hope to establish themselves in the neighborhood and throughout the District by joining the Georgetown Business Association, as well as by attending the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show in the Washington Convention Center this weekend. Dixie has not yet joined the GBA, Marketing Committee Chairman Nick Yeager said.

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