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  1. John McNamara says:

    This is one of the best pieces of journalism I have seen from The Hoya in years. Great job to Ashwin Puri and the rest of the Hoya for such an great piece.

    As an alumni I also want to express my solidarity with the demonstrators for helping shed light on one of the most important causes any student activist can champion. #ColoredStudent1950 #StandWithMizzou

  2. What a load of utter nonsense from people desperate to throw themselves in front of a camera. I sincerely doubt a single protestor cared about the slaves sold 200 years ago before a week ago. Moreover, campus tours are a problem of Blue and Grey, which I might add, does a poor enough job of representing the diversity of the school, already mentions the actions of the most important African American to attend Georgetown, Patrick Healy. Since I doubt a single person at the rally actually understands what Net Present Value is, they probably don’t realize that the sum of money they want directed toward the “recruitment of African American Professors” is gargantuan, seeing as one study puts the value of a slave in the 1800s at $50,000 today. This would lead to this endowment fund they want being worth over $12.5 million, which the university simply does not have, nor should they waste on something so pointless. Finally, its hard enough as it is to recruit skilled professors, and forcing them to waste their time in pointless diversity courses where they learn their students are not adults, but rather sheltered children, will cause any of the good ones to leave immediately and head to somewhere that is not implicitly insulting them and their intelligence.

  3. Christine Salys says:

    I echo John’s comments. I also hope that the demonstrators will reconsider their policy of not talking to the press.

  4. Artour Babaev says:


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