Upscale Eatery Would Float on Three Barges

By Andreas Andrea Hoya Staff Writer

Clyde’s Restaurant group, which manages Clyde’s and The Tombs, is moving closer to realizing their 15-year-old plan to build a restaurant on the Potomac River. The restaurant would be built on three barges in the river and would be located in the vicinity of K Street, east of the Key Bridge.

“It’s a project we are excited about and can’t wait to do it,” said Tom Meyer, vice-president of restaurant development for Clyde’s.

According to Meyer, the major technicality that holds up the start of building is a transfer of land in that area from the District of Columbia local government to the National Park Service, a federal agency.

Although this transfer is near completion and he does not foresee any major problems, Meyer said that Clyde’s still has much work to do in getting approval for their plans. “We are still in the process of everything. We are taking it one step at a time as the needs arise,” he said.

Meyer said he is unable to give an estimate as to when the restaurant will be open for business due to the complexity of the deal. “We have been putting this project together for close to 15 years. There are so many moving parts you never know,” he said.

He does not believe the new restaurant would become a Georgetown student hangout, like The Tombs, and said “it would probably be more upscale than The Tombs or Clyde’s.” However, he did say that he has no doubt that the new restaurant will employ Georgetown students.

Clyde’s management has not yet named the restaurant, but Meyer said that “The Boat Club” has been mentioned. Although he could not give an exact number of how many people it will seat, Meyer estimated 200.

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