Well, it looks like my foot has become lodged in my mouth. After predicting a big Homecoming loss by the football team in last Friday’s column, the Hoyas went out and beat the Duquesne Dukes in stunning fashion the very next day. If you missed the game because you were down in Lot T for over three hours, please hang your head in shame now and flip to the recap on the front page. At any rate, Georgetown football showed its fans, as well as this columnist, a thing or two this past Homecoming Weekend.

First of all, the Hoyas showed they can compete in the Patriot League by defeating the current champions of the Metro-Atlantic Athletic Conference in which they formerly played. Although all of this season’s in-conference contests have resulted in defeats so far, the Duquesne win should serve notice to future opponents that the Hoyas are ready to play. Additionally, the team itself should perform with increased confidence, now that they have felt the thrill of a big win. While fans might have to wait a while to actually see a defeat of a Patriot League foe (the Hoyas’ next in-conference game at Kehoe does not come until November 10), it now seems that Georgetown will not go winless in its inaugural season in a new conference.

Morale should especially increase among defensive players. Although Byron Anderson’s return of Duquesne’s blocked point-after attempt was by far the single most exciting moment of the game, one cannot forget the two huge stops made by the Hoya defense within the red zone.

Given the fact that the defense played like the proverbial sieve in Georgetown’s first three matchups, Hoya fans should rejoice at the turnaround. Although the defense did give up a whopping 202 rushing yards against Dusquesne, the Dukes rarely passed the ball, and at any rate, preventing two touchdowns greatly overshadows this statistic. The Hoya defense also forced seven turnovers, though most of these unexpected changes in possession can be blamed on Duquesne’s total lack of concentration.

Special teams groups also deserve mention, particularly the punt team. I can’t recall the Dukes gaining positive yardage on a single punt return. On the occasions when the return man did manage to catch the ball, a group of guys in blue jerseys was there to meet him without fail.

The Hoyas performed less than perfectly on the offensive side of the ball, however. Unless the coaching staff has corrected some of the things that failed to work against Duquesne, Georgetown may be in for a tough time against Davidson this Saturday. First of all, the constant turnovers have got to stop. Georgetown committed four of them last weekend, and had it not been for Anderson’s heroics, one of those turnovers would have certainly cost the Hoyas the game. Additionally, the Hoyas had trouble moving the ball in the second half, and could only muster a total of seven first downs all game. That will probably not cut it against Davidson, who has struggled of late, but is a team capable of producing quite a bit of offense itself. The main goal for this weekend should be to get the lights on the Kehoe Field scoreboard blinking. If the Hoyas can manage that, and if the defense can continue to play on a higher level, then this week’s game could get very interesting indeed.

I’d also like to mention that I have heard through the grapevine that some thought last week’s column called for students to stop attending football games. If I conveyed this message in any way, blame it on poor writing. Every Hoya athletic team deserves the support of the student body, no matter how bad their win-loss record. It makes sense, however, that students should especially encourage those teams like Georgetown field hockey that fight hard to win games and give themselves the opportunity to win conference titles. Last Saturday, the football team proved that they also play with a great amount of heart, and it seems that the program will soon resume its winning ways. Show up for the game against Davidson this Saturday.

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