I’ll be frank: The football team will probably lose tomorrow – presumably badly. Georgetown’s new friends in the Patriot League have definitely not had the welcome mat out for them, embarrassing them on both sides of the ball instead.

The credit for three lopsided final scores does not just belong to Lehigh, Holy Cross and Fordham. The Hoyas have committed a total of nine turnovers in their three games, which should concern the coaching staff considerably. The fact that the team has been slow out of the gate this year cannot really be blamed on playing a tougher schedule, either. Although the Lehigh loss was expected, Georgetown has played Holy Cross each of their last four seasons and has won twice. Fordham is no powerhouse, either. And you thought the Redskins were the worst 0-3 team in the District.

Oh, but it gets better. Guess who this week’s opponent is? That’s right – the Duquesne Dukes, one of the better programs in division I-AA college football. The Dukes are also a team against which the Hoyas completely unraveled last season, giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter to fall 44-20. If you’re going to bet on this year’s game between these two squads, bet on Georgetown, but only if your buddy at Duquesne is willing to spot you 28 points.

Why, then, should you even venture to the monstrosity of a gridiron that lies on the far west side of campus known as Kehoe Field this Saturday afternoon? Well, I’ve been trying to think of a good reason for a while now, and I can’t really give you one. That is unless your plans for the day include drinking 17 cans of Milwaukee’s Best Light in the parking lot, in which case you have issues. (Or at least you will have issues, which will probably have to be dealt with by GERMS.)

Some might point to school spirit as a reason for heading to Kehoe, seeing as the next four days mark Homecoming Weekend. I am somewhat of a sentimental person when it comes to sports – I’ll buy that argument. While it’s hard to get behind a team whose first win of the season could still be very far away, I personally plan to trudge up the hill Saturday afternoon to cheer on the Hoyas. I also plan, however, to bring a big brown paper bag with two eyeholes cut out of the front, just in case.

There will be, however, a sports event held on campus this weekend that is verifiably deserving of your attendance. Alas, there will be no beer and no hot dogs served at this game. There will be an excellent display of team cohesion, combined with (probably) a win for the Blue and Gray. This Friday afternoon, get out to Harbin Field and watch Georgetown field hockey take on Appalachian State.

There exists a very good reason for watching this game: Unlike the esteemed Hoya football squad, the field hockey team has put together a fine string of four straight wins as of late. After losing two close games by one goal apiece to begin the season, the Hoyas have regained the poise they showed last year when they started the year with 13 victories in a row.

I should be honest, though. I’ll tell you that I haven’t been to a field hockey game yet this season. Call me a fair weather fan if you like, I can handle that. The fact is, I like seeing thrillers – close, suspenseful sports contests, especially when the Hoyas finish on top. It seems that my best bet for observing such games will come courtesy of the field hockey team this fall, so you can bet that the attendance at their games will increase by at least one. I urge all of you to do your part to make this number much, much higher.

The football team also would do well to watch a team who has proven it can play together effectively.

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