Campus Groups Overshadow Hobbled GUSA

It’s all coming back to me now. For two years, I have tried hard to put the 2004 GUSA presidential election – and the very public controversy surrounding it – behind me. The disputed results of last week’s election, however, combined with some good old-fashioned senioritis, have led me to[Read More…]

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Fox’s O’Reilly Goes Too Far in Attacking GU

I’ll admit to being a conservative. I call Louisiana home, am staunchly pro-life and voted for Bush without a moment’s regret. Proudly, I’ll fess up to backing Israel over those who want to destroy her, democracy over tyranny, religiosity over secularism – as would most who identify themselves with the[Read More…]

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Expressing Gratitude, Waxing Poetic

Waxing on about the pure, ethereal quality of the college experience at Georgetown seems trite, or better yet, forced. Granted that is what writers must do, craft beauty out of the banal, but honestly I never feigned skilled writing. Yet, at the end of the blue and gray road I[Read More…]

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