Full Circle in Four Years: Back to the Freshman Floor

Saturday’s School of Foreign Service graduation will be the 15th Georgetown commencement ceremony I’ve attended. I worked for two years as an intern at the Georgetown University Protocol Office, and one of my duties was helping at the commencement ceremonies. I’ve seen them all, the undergraduate and the graduate, so[Read More…]

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Faith Fortified by Journey Of Adversity and Growth

When my mom decided to pack everything and leave the United States for Jordan with me and my siblings, we didn’t quite understand her decision. We spent four years there. Yet, more than a decade later, I can say with certainty that it was one of the best decisions (if[Read More…]

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At Ease Amid Imperfection

Georgetown is the most ridiculous place in the universe. I feel like I’ve traveled across the world and back, literally and symbolically, during the four years that I’ve spent here. I owe that feeling to a few different factors. I owe that feeling to the work that I’ve done here,[Read More…]

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America’s Got Talent: Giving Back

There are plenty of reasons to love America. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave; we invented baseball and jazz, skyscrapers and “Lost”; and our country has been home to some of the world’s most famous and influential people – politicians and generals, musicians[Read More…]

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Keep Energy on the Front Burner

For months, every article or column discussing the Democrats’ 2010 agenda has come with a disclaimer warning of the expiration date for meaningful progress on major issues. As the midterm elections approach, so the warning goes, political season sets in and spoils the will to tackle issues like climate change[Read More…]

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No Place for Abortion In Liberal Philosophy

It has become almost axiomatic that one cannot be both liberal and against abortion. That view, however, should be questioned. Being pro-life, especially when that life is poor, powerless and marginalized, is fundamental, of course, to a Catholic worldview. I don’t think it is just a Catholic thing, however; it[Read More…]

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Room to Breathe

Feeling cramped on campus may not be an issue for much longer. On Wednesday, the Student Space Working Group released the result of its comprehensive study on student space, which included recommendations for a much-needed expansion of student facilities. While there remain concerns over the goals’ feasibility and a missing[Read More…]

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Open for Business

Tomorrow the proposal for a business minor will come before the College Executive Committee for approval, potentially allowing undergraduates in the College to expand their academic horizons. Its passage would be a valuable addition to the curriculum and should be affirmed in full. The business minor was first introduced by[Read More…]

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Beating Volcanic Challenges

My history of South Asia professor, Aparna Vaidik, once told me that the definition of creativity is “pushing the limits of your existence.” If someone feels trapped or confined by boundaries, he or she must actively seek ways to bend limitations and find a new path. While I was studying[Read More…]

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Decorum Carries the Day With Gingrich, Rove

This week, Georgetown welcomed two of the most influential Republican leaders of the past two decades. On April 19, the College Republicans and the Catholic Student Association hosted Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and influential GOP policymaker. Two days later, the Lecture Fund sponsored Karl Rove, the “architect”[Read More…]

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