Losing Our Individuality

It was the bane of many young second and third graders’ existence. It took hundreds of class hours and repetitive exercises to perfect. It was a staple of elementary education, and was advertised as the proper and faster way to write. And, according to one university’s recent report on the[Read More…]

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Mending Fences

Move-in week kicks off a frenzied period for freshmen. Between navigating New Student Orientation, bonding with new roommates and accepting the fact that dorm closets are smaller than expected, move-in can, at times, be overwhelming. What may be forgotten amid the frenzy is that the students down the hall are[Read More…]

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Joining the Academy

For those of you entering the gates of Georgetown for the first time, the university can feel like a world away from anything previously known. It is, in fact, a refuge – a place of contemplative thought and serious scholarship, one of the great repositories of heritage and tradition in[Read More…]

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The Verdict

THUMBS UP: New Beginnings – A brand new class of freshmen and transfer students are arriving on campus this weekend ready to embark on their Georgetown journey. THUMBS UP: Better Late Than Never – University Information Systems has announced that by the end of this academic year all campus dorms[Read More…]

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Diversity Education Key to Lifelong Personal Discovery

To date, the Young Leaders in Education About Diversity pre-orientation program is the best thing I have done for myself. I realize that’s a loaded statement, but I mean it – even after two years at Georgetown, a study-abroad experience and a handful of incredible internships in D.C. YLEAD is[Read More…]

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The Good Remains in Sports

Sports have had a lackluster shine recently. In the past 12 months we’ve seen Tiger Woods’ armor reduced to rubble as the seedy underbelly of his personal life surfaced. NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing was given a four-game suspension next year for failing a drug test, and[Read More…]

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Call for Change, From the Bottom Up

The Obama staffers and community leaders with whom I spent my break between sophomore and junior years referred to our campaign as Freedom Summer 2008. Decades after courageous, radical young women and men swarmed Mississippi in the summer of 1964 to register suppressed and intimidated blacks voters, I moved to[Read More…]

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Solving the Problems of God and Growing Up

Trying to sum up my experience at Georgetown in a few hundred words is either an exercise in impracticality or omission – I can’t decide which. Virtually every draft I had started on my way to this final draft included stories too lewd or, contrarily, too trite to be worthwhile.[Read More…]

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Passing on the Torch to the Next Generation

Remember “Pay It Forward?” It was that semi-popular film released in 2000 starring Haley Joel Osment, the creepy kid from “The Sixth Sense.” The premise of the movie is that an over-involved social studies teacher asks his students to think of some way to change the world and then put[Read More…]

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Stories From the Common Room

Like many of my fellow graduating seniors, I’ve been spending a lot of time the past few days looking through old photos on Facebook, building up the mental collage that will undoubtedly flash before my eyes as I walk up to receive my diploma. As I pushed back through the[Read More…]

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