Honor Native American Integrity

Georgetown students care about the world. Students here tackle international problems with great tact, persistence, passion and imaginative, analytical thinking. Georgetown STAND lobbies for increased action in Darfur, Amnesty International tables for Indonesian political prisoners and the Student Commission for Unity raises money for Haiti through a silent auction of[Read More…]

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Game Plan

Despite the criticism it has drawn from some observers, the recent proposal to implement a diversity requirement in the undergraduate curriculum is admirable. But before taking any concrete steps, the university must carefully prioritize its goals. The plan outlined by the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative includes the[Read More…]

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Endowment Lacks Responsible Oversight

When I and four other members of Georgetown, Divest!, met with university administrators last Friday, we made a startling and unpleasant discovery about the university’s endowment. We initially approached the university with the intention to find out the details of its policy on socially responsible oversight of endowment investments. We[Read More…]

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One Year Later, Still Work to Be Done

To the Reader: A year ago, The Hoya failed in its mission of providing the Georgetown community with reliable, responsible journalism. This failure came in the form of the annual April Fools’ humor issue. A far cry from responsible journalism, the issue was deemed by many to be offensive and[Read More…]

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China Outpaces U.S. in Green Energy

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is eloquent and charming, and his professorial manner resonated well with the many students who heard him speak in Gaston Hall on March 29. His presentation was informative and it highlighted the challenges that developed countries like the United States are facing today in the[Read More…]

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Plan A Cherrypicks Facts, Ignores Reality

To the Editor: I find it ironic that the Plan A-sponsored “Bro-Choice 2” panel featured men. I was once told that, because I have certain anatomical features, I have no right to defend the innocent lives of *in utero* baby boys and girls. The Bro-Choice panel, however, alleviated this sexist[Read More…]

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Plan A Mans Up With Bro-Choice Panel

The Student Activities Commission’s decision to provide university funding for Monday’s Bro-Choice 2: A Panel on Male Activism in the Pro-Choice Movement triggered alarm for many who believe the event conflicted with the university’s Jesuit identity. The university administration, however, rightly showed restraint in deciding not to intercept the funding.[Read More…]

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On the Job: Student Guard Safety

Any student who lives in a campus residence hall knows that GOCard swiping procedures are often ignored. Too many student guards fail to check the identification of residents who forget their GOCards and instead let them slip by the guard desk. This situation is both worrisome and easily rectified. There[Read More…]

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Back to Nature: Eco-Friendly Semantics

One of the more extraordinary features of the current generation of students is the near- universal embrace of environmentalism. While previous generations have had their share of environmentalists, they tended to constitute a fringe movement notable for their affection for muesli and Birkenstocks. Many of today’s young environmentalists are preppy[Read More…]

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Reject Business Mindset to Avoid Crisis

The last few years have been disheartening for observers of business. Countrywide Financial sold bad products to ignorant consumers. A bloated banking system collapsed. Banks helped Greece manipulate its debt. Toyota knowingly covered up problems in quality at the expense of human safety and, consequently, its reputation. The U.S. Department[Read More…]

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