Proposal Embraces Wide Variety of Options

To the editor: As members of the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative, we would like first to express our appreciation for all the feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism we have received thus far, and secondly to clarify a few points in response to the thoughtful comments that appeared[Read More…]

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April 20, 2010: Thumbs Down

**Explosive Delays:** Georgetown students studying abroad are facing difficulties returning home as ash from Iceland’s erupting volcanoes continues to inhibit air travel over European countries. *Thumbs Down* **Rainy Days:** Despite the poor weather conditions, Relay for Life went ahead as scheduled marking its fourth year of leading the campus community[Read More…]

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Golden State May Vote Red in 2010

Today, the “Golden State” is anything but golden. Wracked by severe budgetary crises and an untenable political system, California, once the paragon of the American Dream, teeters on the precipice of disaster. Diverse perspectives assign the blame: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state constitution, political parties or the “culture of Sacramento.”[Read More…]

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Coffee Party Finds Middle Grounds

The Tea Party protests last week remind us that while incivility and fiery rhetoric make great headlines, they serve as a meager path to progress. The fringe element of the Tea Party undermines the movement’s message and alienates many Americans, including those who share concerns about increased taxes and spending.[Read More…]

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Earth Day: Consider Impact of Daily Actions

Last week, Eco-Action co-sponsored an event with Campus Ministry on Catholicism and the environment, which included a speech by the executive director of the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change. In its newest wave of ads, the Catholic Coalition poses the question: “Who’s under your carbon footprint?” This inquiry is jarring[Read More…]

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Value Qualifications Over Demographics for Next Court Nominee

I have a complicated relationship with the Supreme Court, which is, for me, always the most elusive of the federal branches. When I was younger, and if possible, more opinionated than I am now, my dream job was Supreme Court justice. Due to my precocious nature and vocal desire to[Read More…]

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Poor Execution

For those of us who aren’t economics majors, the details of the new campaign by Georgetown, Divest! – and the university’s response to it – may seem somewhat baffling. Anyone who does comb through all of the facts, however, will conclude that Georgetown, Divest! is a group with a good[Read More…]

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Women in the Spotlight: Draw on Past to Guide Future

For the past 23 years, the month of March has been devoted to celebrating National Women’s History Month. Every year, however, it seems that the month of celebration is overshadowed by other things. Often, it is forgotten as the nation is swept up in the madness of college basketball. In[Read More…]

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Now Hiring: Qualified Supreme Court Justice

Following the recent retirement announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens, amateur political prognosticators have been reminiscing over the confirmation battles of recent memory. I have noticed one question persistently comes up: Remember, they inquire, when Bush tried to appoint that woman to the Court? What was her name, again? Her[Read More…]

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Ramadan Pioneers Vision for Future of Islamic World

I have been lucky enough to hear a number of world leaders and intellectuals speak at Gaston Hall over the course of my four years at Georgetown, including President Obama, Kofi Annan, Hamid Karzai, Tony Blair and the secretary general of NATO. This past Monday, however, I heard Tariq Ramadan,[Read More…]

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