Open for Business

Tomorrow the proposal for a business minor will come before the College Executive Committee for approval, potentially allowing undergraduates in the College to expand their academic horizons. Its passage would be a valuable addition to the curriculum and should be affirmed in full. The business minor was first introduced by[Read More…]

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Beating Volcanic Challenges

My history of South Asia professor, Aparna Vaidik, once told me that the definition of creativity is “pushing the limits of your existence.” If someone feels trapped or confined by boundaries, he or she must actively seek ways to bend limitations and find a new path. While I was studying[Read More…]

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Decorum Carries the Day With Gingrich, Rove

This week, Georgetown welcomed two of the most influential Republican leaders of the past two decades. On April 19, the College Republicans and the Catholic Student Association hosted Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and influential GOP policymaker. Two days later, the Lecture Fund sponsored Karl Rove, the “architect”[Read More…]

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Asleep at the Wheel

It was a three-ring circus without a ringmaster. As reported in The Hoya today (“[Weekend GUTS Lack Funding](http://www.thehoya.com/news/weekend-guts-lack-funding/),” A1), students and the greater Georgetown community could face almost complete loss of weekend Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle service. The situation arises from a discomforting lack of oversight and communication on the[Read More…]

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Fresh Take on Voting Rights

It looks like citizens of the District of Columbia won’t garner congressional representation any time soon. Though a bill that would grant a vote to D.C. in Congress has stalled once again, we believe D.C. should continue to work toward this objective. But the plan of attack should change. Many[Read More…]

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Defining Identity and Responsibility in Twelve Words

My father is a man of few words. He has always relied on his actions to speak for him. That’s why I remember so vividly the few life-defining conversations he had with me when I was growing up in the suburbs of Phoenix in the 1960s and ’70s. One of[Read More…]

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Course Option Merges Service and Academics

To the Editor: As the Executive Director of the Center for Social Justice, I applaud your raising the issue of integrating service with academic study (“Fortify Study With Service,” The Hoya, April 13, 2010, A2). While the 4th Credit Option for Social Action is one way, we have a more[Read More…]

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April 23, 2010: The Verdict

**Springsteen Sighting** Students spotted the legendary Bruce Springsteen in Leo O’Donovan Hall and Healy Circle yesterday. “The Boss” was reportedly on campus with his daughter, an accepted student to the Class of 2014. *Thumbs Up* **Clean-Up Climb** Twenty Nepali climbers will trek to heights of more than 8,000 meters above[Read More…]

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Above the Hype

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon may be on to something. Recently he commented on Georgetown’s selectivity numbers, saying “we do not want more applicants.” Bucking the nationwide trend of excess college marketing, Georgetown has made a decision not to become mired in the numbers game. This unique stance may[Read More…]

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Victims of the System

The recent discussion about reproductive health at Georgetown echoes a broader issue that has been bubbling on the edge of public awareness for the past several years. Washington, D.C., is one of many cities across the nation that has seen a significant build-up of untested rape kits. There have been[Read More…]

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