Unnecessary Meddling Not the Solution

Georgetown University Student Association’s Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform makes a noble attempt at resolving the funding problem facing student groups, but goes way too far. No club on campus needs its budget tripled, and GUSA has no actionable plan for how the additional funds will be spent. Contrary[Read More…]

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Appreciating the Misunderstood

Blackwater. Triple Canopy. DynCorp. KBR. According to some, employees of these four security giants are mercenaries. While they generally prefer the term “civilian contractors,” they are modern corporate warriors. The civilian contractors, mostly ex-soldiers or former police officers, draw their paychecks from short-term contracts with the Pentagon or State Department[Read More…]

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Vote No on SAFE Reform

The two words can be found in large font and blue ink on signs plastered across campus today: “Vote Yes.” Faced with a referendum on Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform, students may take one of three routes: heed the command on the signs, opt out of the voting entirely,[Read More…]

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Editorial: Getting to the Core Are the goals of the undergraduate core curricula being fully realized?

What does it mean to hold a Georgetown degree? Every undergraduate receives a degree in a major or even two, which allow for concentration in a specified field. Still, major requirements fill, at most, only half of the average student’s credit hours over four years. Another portion of undergraduate courses[Read More…]

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Values Without Borders

A woman’s role in society can be a touchy subject in Arab countries. But with the establishment of the new women’s center at the School of Foreign Service’s Qatar campus, Georgetown has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting equal opportunity for all. Qatar, a state with a booming economy, seeks to[Read More…]

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Opening Doors for Students

While the administration looks to expand the parameters of campus, students need to be more wary of the misuse of the space already available. The university currently inhibits students from taking full advantage of existing facilities that are designated for their use and enjoyment. The numerous locked rooms across campus[Read More…]

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A Legacy of Friendship

Since the university officially announced that he has been named the new president of Franklin & Marshall College, Senior Vice President for Strategic Development Dan Porterfield has received an outpouring of support from the campus community. Even more impressive than the sheer number of messages on his Facebook wall is[Read More…]

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Words of Encouragement For a Melancholy World

I am worried that everyone is far too worried. Here on campus, students stress about the constant stream of midterms, papers, job interviews, internship applications, scholarship requests and extracurricular responsibilities, with a side of drug and burglary concerns and a touch of traveling plans. With all this on their plate,[Read More…]

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A Call for Renewed Civility

We are Georgetown! In these words, Georgetown students exclaim their enthusiasm at Hoya sporting events. But it is more than just a cheer. The chant says something profound about who we are. Georgetown is a “we”: a diverse community of students, faculty and staff who call the Hilltop “home.” A[Read More…]

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D.C. Regulations Limit Competition

During a run to the National Mall last week, I caught sight of Segs in the City, a company that offers those Segway tours everyone in D.C. likes to sneer at. Yes, Segways are awkward, silly and a slight disgrace to humanity, but Segs in the City holds a special[Read More…]

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