French Burqa Ban Represents Islamophobia

The debate over Islam’s place in France has been at the forefront of national conversation in the past six years. The climax came 10 days ago when the French National Assembly approved a bill that severely infringes upon religious expression. Last Tuesday, the French government passed a hotly contested ban[Read More…]

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Soda Tax Falls Flat

Whether you call it soda, pop or Coke, your favorite soft drinks will soon cost you more inside the District. The D.C. Council has slapped a 6 percent city sales tax on all artificially and sugar-sweetened beverages, including sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks. Doing so has placed an unnecessary[Read More…]

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American DREAM

Congress will kickstart debate this week on a bill that could open doors for thousands of U.S. students in search of something we know well: a college education. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act aims to remove some of the barriers blocking children of undocumented immigrants[Read More…]

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Silence and the Soul

I’m noticing the airplanes again. For new students on campus, one of the ways that you know you have finally made the Hilltop your home is when you stop noticing the jets flying overhead. There came a point during my freshman year here when that happened, and again when I[Read More…]

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Post-Uribe Security in Colombia Overstated

Sometimes you have to give some to get some. For former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez, giving some meant weakening civil society in Colombia, pushing aside the rule of law, stomping on individual liberties, killing and displacing innocent civilians and ignoring international laws, norms and standards. What did he get?[Read More…]

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Saudis Aim for Arms Power Play

Sixty billion dollars, 75,000 JOBS, over 250 new aircraft; added up, it’s the largest foreign arms sale in history. Only a state such as Saudi Arabia could afford the massive price tag. But what is the reason for the Saudi purchase? The answer and the reason why Congress will almost[Read More…]

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Clothing Made Right

Walking around campus, it’s easy to find students sporting their Georgetown spirit. T-shirts, sweatshirts and a whole array of branded products tell passersby that the Hilltop truly bleeds Hoya blue. But purchasing and wearing Georgetown apparel might do more than just radiate school pride; it might fight poverty, too. The[Read More…]

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Making Sense of the Graffiti

Anyone present on campus before this semester will recall the string of bias-related incidents that tarnished the campus mood last year. Their frequency was disheartening and their abusive nature was alarming. The acts of homophobia were met, rightly, with assertive disapproval from both the university and the student body. The[Read More…]

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Bleed Blue, Print Green

Last spring Lauinger Library made a little publicized, but welcome change by offering double-sided printing. For all its progressiveness, though, the library is missing a valuable opportunity to jump on the go-green train. The new feature is readily available to informed students who take the time to choose the option[Read More…]

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Taking the Metro Farther

As much as we love the Hilltop, it’s always good news when city travel becomes less of a hassle. Recent changes and future proposals to the D.C. public transportation system all point toward a simpler, more streamlined network. Despite some disconcerting calls it has made amid a severe budget crisis,[Read More…]

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