VIEWPOINT: At a Journey’s End, Discover What Sets Us Apart

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I am neither a senior nor graduating, but I am leaving my position as dean of the Georgetown College after nine years. My own college years, now long passed, shaped my intellect, values and established many life-long friendships. My years as dean have shaped my professional life. It would beRead More


VIEWPOINT: Sharing in Resilience, Solidarity

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Stories are power. Our journeys at Georgetown University have been marked by moments of bravery, resiliency and solidarity. As we graduate, we leave behind networks of people who have shared their struggles with us and who have listened to ours. We are connected through a shared bond of trust, whichRead More


VIEWPOINT: Seize Opportunity in Our Choices

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On Aug. 28, 2013, then-President Barack Obama stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to address a crowd of tens of thousands in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. That event happened to coincide with my first class at Georgetown — “Microeconomics.” It was myRead More


VIEWPOINT: Learn to Love the ‘In-Betweens’

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I am terribly afraid of the “in-betweens” in life — the gray spaces: having one foot in the door, one foot out and not really belonging anywhere. Yet, that is exactly where I found myself when I transferred to Georgetown my sophomore year. After I made the decision to transfer,Read More


VIEWPOINT: Our Love of Others Defines Us

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On a Kairos retreat, a contemplative retreat rooted in Ignatian spirituality, during my senior year of high school, my theology teacher gave a stirring reflection in which he revealed the difficult life lessons he learned from losing his young son and — years later — his wife to cancer. TheRead More


VIEWPOINT: The Moments That Make Us Hoyas

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“When did you realize you were a Hoya?” is common question I was asked on the Hilltop — a question which helped me define the precise “moment” I felt I belonged here. This was the moment I felt I was not just a college student anymore, but a part ofRead More


VIEWPOINT: Personal Ties Forge Community

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Georgetown reminds me to always check the mail. However thin the envelope might have been, its contents have led me to this moment today. Since making my decision to attend Georgetown, there have been a number of moments along the way that will make me cherish this experience for aRead More


VIEWPOINT: Crafting Your Story in Life’s Spontaneity

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Two years ago, I made a deal with myself: Transfer or graduate early. I remember the day I spoke to my dean about my intentions to graduate early, initially my backup plan if transferring did not work out. My dean was helpful, but of course he asked me about myRead More


VIEWPOINT: In Relentless Pursuit of Justice

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Georgetown, my heart. Thank you. Thank you for surrounding me with passionate, intelligent, driven and justice-seeking people. Thank you for teaching me the importance of speaking up and speaking out, and for helping me to develop my voice. Thank you for putting so many professors, friends and mentors in myRead More


VIEWPOINT: Living Out Cura Personalis

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When I was considering Georgetown, I repeatedly asked people to explain the meaning of cura personalis. The idea was simple enough, but I could not wrap my mind around how a university could live out “care for the whole person.” People would tell me that cura personalis means that chaplains-in-residence,Read More