4 Vie for D.C.’s Congress Seat

While Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) may have most likely sealed her re-election as the D.C. voice in the House of Representatives by winning the Democratic primary, she will still face an eclectic mix of candidates in the general election. On Nov. 2, Norton, who has served as a delegate[Read More…]

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Undergrad Council Heads to Form Inter-School Body

The presidents of all four academic councils have teamed up to establish an inter-school academic council, which they hope will ease coordination on issues affecting all undergraduate students. First conceived during the fall 2009 semester, the idea led to a series of group meetings beginning last fall. This summer, the[Read More…]

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Laptop Stolen Via Unlocked Door in Village A Burglary

A laptop was stolen from a Village A residence early Saturday morning. There was no one in the residence at the time and entry to the apartment was not forced. The suspect entered through an unlocked door and stole the laptop out of a bookbag, according to a Public Safety[Read More…]

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SFS Certificate Coordinator Resigns

In response to what some view as the systematic weakening of the School of Foreign Service’s International Development certificate over the past year, Zara Khan (SFS ’07) is resigning from her role as program coordinator. Khan said in an email to students pursuing the certificate, that although she was promised[Read More…]

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Georgetown Public Library Reopens

The Georgetown Public Library reopened Monday at its original location on R Street, three years after a debilitating fire forced the branch to close its doors for repairs. Now, the library boasts a third floor, a reading terrace overlooking Book Hill Park, a large children’s room, a space designed specifically[Read More…]

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Voter Activism Heats Up

With only two weeks to go until the midterm elections, and voters across the country seeking to make their voices heard, the Georgetown University College Democrats and College Republicans are ramping up their efforts to encourage fellow students to vote. The expected average rate of youth turnout during the midterm[Read More…]

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Faculty Mourn Former Econ. Professor’s Death

F. William McElroy, professor emeritus in the economics department, died Oct. 13 at age 71 following a battle with lung cancer that fatally weakened his immune system. “He was a wonderful man with a thorough understanding of both mathematics and economics,” said professor emeritus of economics George Viksnins, McElroy’s longtime[Read More…]

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GU Ranked 155th Worldwide

The university dropped by 26 spots in the U.S. News and World Report international rankings this year, leaving a tremendous disparity between its international and national rank. Georgetown placed 21st on U.S. News and World Report’s rankings for national universities, but 155th in the international rankings. Nationally, Georgetown is ranked[Read More…]

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Philly P’s Owner Opens New Shop, Will Not Sell Pizza

While a food store will be returning to 1211 Potomac St., it will not be the Philly Pizza & Grill remembered by students. Rather, the new establishment will be a prepared food store that will close much earlier than its predecessor and is not permitted to sell pizza, among other[Read More…]

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GU NAACP President Discusses Diversity Issues

The beginning of the semester has been a turbulent time for black students at Georgetown, with racist graffiti and a climbing rope that was initially deemed to be a possible noose found under Healy. The incidents and the university’s response have only intensified the discussion about diversity on campus. THE[Read More…]

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