Georgetown Businesses See Decreased Revenue

Statistics show that business in the Georgetown area is down, with many stores closing and others turning significantly less profit. But while Georgetown is not immune to the recession, owners and retailers have hope that business will pick up with students’ return to campus. The Georgetown area had a net[Read More…]

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Odd Classes Spark Talk

As students in an Intercultual Center lecture room listened to professor Carol Dover examine the Christian framework of “Laüstic,” a medieval narrative poem by the Breton poet Marie de France, many eyes were busy scanning the syllabus for the date of the reading assignments from their favorite novelist: J.K. Rowling.[Read More…]

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Wikipedia: A Class Tool

Students in Study of the Arab World or Theorizing Culture and Politics this semester will go where few professors have allowed them to go before. Since the rise of the online, community-based encyclopedia Wikipedia, professors have warned against using the sometimes unreliable website as a source for academic research. But[Read More…]

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Hybrids to Accelerate GU Toward Green Goals

With its selection as the only testing site in D.C. for Toyota’s first-generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, the university will now offer faculty members a spin in one of the two eco-friendly cars. The vehicles, which use a combination of electric and hybrid technologies, will be on loan to the[Read More…]

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Newsweek Ranks Colleges

In Newsweek Magazine’s newly released set of college rankings, Georgetown placed in the top 25 in four categories, under both conventional and unorthodox criteria. In the rankings, redesigned this year by Newsweek, Georgetown ranked eighth in the list of best schools for future powerbrokers, 14th among urban schools, 16th among[Read More…]

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New Master’s Program Links GU, King’s College

History professors and scholars from the university and King’s College London convened in Copley Formal Lounge for a two-day, first-of-its-kind Global History forum, “Empires and Globalizations in the Making of the Modern World” this Thursday and Friday. Organized by professor John Tutino, director of the Georgetown Institute for Global History,[Read More…]

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1634 Society Helps Students Network, Seek Opportunities

When students think of Georgetown alumni, they often focus on the Bill Clintons and the Bradley Coopers. But the 1634 Society, a new student group descended from the university’s Office of Advancement and the Senior Class Fund, tries to introduce students to networking and reaching beyond the Hilltop during their[Read More…]

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Georgetown Receives Largest-Ever Donation

Honored with the largest donation in university history, the Medical Center received $87 million in research funding this June. The donation, which surpassed the previous largest gift of $75 million, given by Robert McDevitt (CAS ’40) in December 2008, is a gift from Virginia Toulmin, who died in June after[Read More…]

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Nazi Graffiti Found in Dorms

Four students were victims of bias-related incidents in New South Hall on Sept. 6 and 11, and a similar incident occurred in Darnall Hall sometime between Sept. 11 and 13, according to the Department of Public Safety. Swastika symbols were drawn and the name “Hitler” was written on dry-erase boards[Read More…]

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Speakers Talk START

On Tuesday, Rose Gottemoeller (I ’75) and Richard Burt, respected scholars and policymakers in nuclear disarmament, discussed the merits of the new Strategic Arms Reduction treaty, which limits the number of ready-to-deploy nuclear weapons for the United States and Russia. The speakers each made concise arguments for ratification despite the[Read More…]

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