D.C. Archbishop Made Cardinal

Most Rev. Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, was one of 24 clergymen to be given one of the Vatican’s highest honors last week, when he was elevated to cardinal status. Wuerl is the fifth archbishop of Washington, D.C., and the first since 2001 to receive the appointment. On Oct. 20,[Read More…]

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Videoconferencing Unites Qatar, D.C.

The university is making headlines in the technology community following the release of a case study on the efficacy of telecommunications and videoconferencing in university classrooms. Since 2008, the Hilltop has been home to a “global classroom,” featuring cutting-edge audiovisual communications technology, which students and faculty use to interact with[Read More…]

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University to Help Ease Sophomore Slump

As sophomores settle into their second year at Georgetown, they face decisions that will affect the rest of their time on the Hilltop, sometimes without as much support as freshmen, juniors and seniors are receiving. While freshmen receive ample guidance from New Student Orientation and meetings with their deans, and[Read More…]

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Georgetown Earns B in Sustainability

Georgetown’s eco-friendly practices deserve a B grade, according to the nonprofit Sustainable Endowments Institute, which evaluates colleges and universities every year on their environmental efforts in its College Sustainability Report Card. The grade from the 2011 edition of the ratings remains the same as last year’s, but it is a[Read More…]

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Georgetown Wireless Vulnerable to New Firefox Application

A new Mozilla Firefox extension allows anyone on a wireless network to access user accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, raising concerns over the cyber security of Georgetown’s network. Firesheep, which was released for free download earlier this week by software developer Eric Butler, allows users to view all[Read More…]

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University Response Put to Test

As most of campus lay dormant early Saturday morning, a test of the university’s crisis management protocol was just beginning.   Once authorities had discovered an alleged drug lab in a ninth-floor Harbin Hall room, officials ordered an immediate evacuation of the building due to safety concerns. Harbin residents awoke[Read More…]

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Laptop Thefts Spike

A rash of laptop thefts hit Georgetown’s campus this week. One laptop was stolen last Thursday, three laptops were stolen on Sunday and another was stolen on Tuesday, according to the Department of Public Safety. On Thursday, Oct. 21, a student’s laptop was stolen via an unlocked patio door to[Read More…]

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DMT Lab Suspects Released After Hearing

Charles Smith (SFS ’14) and University of Richmond freshman John Perrone, who were arrested on Saturday after an alleged DMT lab was found in Smith’s Harbin Hall room, were released after a hearing in D.C.’s U.S. District Court Wednesday. Smith and Perrone’s lawyers waived their clients’ right to a preliminary[Read More…]

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First-Year Harbin Resident Arrested by MPD

First-year student Kelly Baltazar, a resident of Harbin Hall Room 229, was arrested Tuesday evening by the Metropolitan Police Department, according to university spokeswoman Julie Bataille. At her arraignment Wednesday, Baltazar pled not guilty and was released from custody. She will undergo drug testing and treatment and her next hearing[Read More…]

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GU Chief Investment Officer to Head UVA Endowment

The University of Virginia appointed Georgetown’s Chief Investment Officer Lawrence Kochard to become chief executive of UVA’s Investment Management Company. Kochard will finish the calendar year with Georgetown and start his post at UVA on Jan. 1. Since hiring Kochard to be Georgetown’s first chief investment officer in June of[Read More…]

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