Four Loko Ban Spurs Buying Binge

Less than a month after the Four Loko frenzy hit college campuses nationwide, the Food and Drug Administration has cracked down on beverages that combine alcohol and caffeine – and students are taking measures to stockpile the popular drink. “We are all sold out,” Chris Lee, a manager at Wagner’s[Read More…]

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Power Player: Board of Directors Close Up

Students often complain about a lack of transparency in the administration, but one of the greatest powers behind decisions of the university is even more unknown. Behind all of the changes taking place on a daily basis, the board of directors is at the helm of the latest initiatives at[Read More…]

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Lombardi Supports New Smoking Labels

The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center announced its support last week for the new, more graphic warning labels for cigarette packaging required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In a statement, the Lombardi Cancer Center outlined the immediate physical effects of carcinogens as the reason behind its support[Read More…]

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Pakistani Ambassador Disappointed by Ignoranc

Recounting the devastating floods in Pakistan this summer, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, urged students gathered in the Mortara Center Monday to divert their attention to the ongoing disaster. Haqqani said that the international response to last July’s floods in Pakistan has been abysmal. “Pakistan has been[Read More…]

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Lecturer Discusses Neurobiology, Sexual Preference

There is a biological link between the brain and a person’s sexual preference, visiting lecturer Simon LeVay argued Tuesday in the Intercultural Center. LeVay, a renowned neuroscientist known for his research on sexual orientation and the brain and author of 11 nonfiction books, delivered a lecture called “Gay, Straight, and[Read More…]

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UNICEF Raises Money For Pakistan Flood Victims

The Georgetown UNICEF chapter partnered with the South Asian Society and the Georgetown Gastronomes to host an awareness dinner this Wednesday, educating attendees about the ongoing effects from the disastrous mid-summer flooding in Pakistan. “Considering the range of devastation in Pakistan, I felt since it occurred over the summer, students[Read More…]

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Westboro Church Draws Student Protesters’ Ire

“You Eat Your Kids” and “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” were among the signs held high by four members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Washington Circle Thursday morning, a protest met by about 300 college students. The counterprotesters, including a contingent from Georgetown, were there in opposition to Westboro’s[Read More…]

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String of Village A Burglaries Continues

A Village A apartment was burglarized on Tuesday evening, less than a week after the Department of Public Safety implemented new security measures following a string of similar burglaries. On Tuesday, a student reported that upon returning to his apartment at 9 p.m. he found that his apartment had been[Read More…]

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SAC Slashes Budgets For All Groups

Another tight budget for the Student Activities Commission forced the organization to approve 72.5 percent of the $122,755 student organizations requested during the first run of its new bulk allocation system. SAC currently has $5,578 to allocate for the rest of the semester. Anything left over will roll over into[Read More…]

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Crepes in Copley: French Floor Plans Laid Out

The French department and the Office of Residence Life are hammering out plans for Georgetown’s first on-campus language floor, which may be housed on Copley Hall’s ground level next year. Named the Dorothy M. Betz French Floor, the funding for the living community was donated by professor emeritus Paul Betz[Read More…]

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