Words of Wisdom Voiced From the Trenches

My experience as a reporter in D.C. started with four years of working for zero compensation: no money, no course credit, not even a free T-shirt. You could say that was excellent training for today’s lousy journalism market. But my time at Georgetown University – during which I wrote for[Read More…]

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Field Work Grounded in The Classroom

The classrooms were filled with the lingering haze of gray ash. The metal desks where students so recently listened to lectures were twisted by the heat into grotesque shapes. Blackened bubbles of paint streaked down the walls. The roof was completely burned away. The chalkboards showed a few recognizable marks[Read More…]

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Philly P’s Appeal Hearing Ends in Deadlock

A final decision was not reached by the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment at the Jan. 12 appeal hearing of Philly Pizza & Grill. Until the next hearing, which will take place on Feb. 9, Philly Pizza will continue to operate under its stay of enforcement granted Nov. 17, which[Read More…]

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Fiscal Responsibility in the Red

Like me, you might get a good laugh when a friend wakes up after a long night out only to realize that he left a tab open at the bar and ran up a bill he can’t afford. Our leaders in Congress seem to have done much the same thing.[Read More…]

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Gay Rights, Meet the Grand Old Party

At rare moments in American history, the stars align in favor of events so dramatic that they would seem absurdly contrived if manufactured by a novelist or a Hollywood screenwriter. Take, for example, the coinciding deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – former adversaries-turned-confidants – on the nation’s 50th[Read More…]

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21st-Century Growing Pains

During the final days of last semester, I, like many others, was trapped here on campus by the Snowpocalypse. Tests were finished, papers were handed in and not much else was going on beside snowball fights and viewings of “Love Actually” accompanied by hot chocolate. In order to help pass[Read More…]

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Adderall Abuse Rises Nationally as Study Tool

College students are notorious for spending late nights in the library, whether it’s cramming during finals time or finishing homework for an early morning class. Night after night, many strain for ways to keep themselves going – and some have pushed aside the coffee, Red Bull and midday naps for[Read More…]

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International Law Center Opens in London

Georgetown University Law School traveled across the pond this year to establish the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. CTLS, which is the first institution of its kind focused on international and comparative law, opened its doors to students last month in London, England. According to the Web site, CTLC is[Read More…]

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A Student Who Shone, A Man Who Loved

A Student Who Shone, A Man Who Loved

Terrance Davis (COL ’10) always said his greatest wish was to go to Africa. This fall, that wish came true, as he traveled to South Africa to spend his semester at the University of Cape Town. In early September, Davis and friends traveled 275 miles east of Cape Town to[Read More…]

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Body Found at Sea May Be Davis’

A body found Saturday on the coast of South Africa may be that of a missing Georgetown student who was swept into the ocean by a wave last week, an official said yesterday. South African rescue authorities recovered a body on Saturday evening off the coast of Harkerville, South Africa,[Read More…]

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